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50 miles in over the weekend


Sat Aaron and I wanted to hit wilderness, but that rain put us on the fine paved trails around the city. Hit cycle works to check out their mega sale. Took the mopac to the 84th trailhead and decided to hit the trail to see how it was. Muddy. A couple who was jogging were headed back and were dirty from the trail. The guy said “it gets worse”. So we took the nice sidewalk path south on 84th. Saw some insurance complex that had a trail around it and it looked like fun. Rode a fast lap. Continued out towards the Old Cheney walmart and turned back. That was when the trail ends and you see the above pic. Turned around and the wind kicked our butts. Good 25 miles though.


Sunday we all met up at the Teachers fountain across from the sunken gardens and headed to Rocket Fizz and back tracked to Pepe’s in Havelock. Was a fun ride but the wind kicked our butts again. Hit a lot of paved trails and rolled through the new Antelope creek paths. That section of town is going to be awesome.

Today was the first time I have ever gone on a ride with my brother Mike. He is an avid biker who rides an awesome road bike. He is the kind of guy who wakes up and does stuff before he goes to work, like a quick 20 mile ride. Freak 😉 He is a roadie and I am a singletrack kind of guy, but he is looking at a MTB and I really look forward to assisting his transition to dirt. We are so hitting Platte this year dude. Get ready to hurt while in your granny gear 😉

So glad to be back out on the bike. My goal is 2000 miles this year. Only 1583 on the moots currently. Lots of opportunities to get out on rides. There are the Tuesday nacho rides out to Eagle, Eagle also has $1 pints and 1/2 price wings in Thursdays. Plus if we can keep up the weekend rides with the folks who went today and others that might join that would be awesome.


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