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2079 feet at 375 MPH



Flat Daddy II
AT RMS g64-7W motor
2079 Feet
375 MPH
Deployed 1.5 seconds and 57 feet after apogee

I had no idea it would dart off the pad that quick. Chute failed to deploy, but fell in nice soft pasture at 39 MPH. Had a chirper on it, which made it really easy to find. Minimal damage.

Attended my first THOR club launch, Fire on the Farm. It was wet, cold, and windy, but I wanted to fly. 4 other people launched once and I flew 4 times.

More pics and vids below. One rocket went almost a mile up.


Baby Bertha flew twice. The club thought it was so cute with the rail buttons that they set up a short rail in the low power area. Both launches weathercocked right into the wind and the streamer brought them close to the launch pad. Was fun.

Purp Ertha flew on a D12-5 just to be safe. It floated quite a bit on a very reefed 20 inch chute. Found it out by the remote high power pad.

Above was a guy’s attempt at his Level 1 license. Tube joint failure at ejection failed to release the chute and it lost a fin on impact, but was OK other than that.

dcbertelsen flew his Wildman Warrior Jr. “Dragon Slayer” on a J350 motor.

It went over 4800 feet and deployed the main at 2000. No vid can show how loud and impressive that was. The sound hit like a shock wave. I helped use the receiver to track it with him. That is one fine rocket.

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