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2008 spooky night candy fest live bloggin

8:50 a few more but it seems to be done. 12 bars left out of 36. I live in an area that does not cater to the candy seeking kiddies. There were 4 houses on my 3 block long street giving out candy

oh wait got hit by a mob. 3 milky ways left and we are done. Good year for sure.

Many “whoaaaa full size” heard a few times. Now do not pull my flowers out or throw eggs at my house 😉

$20 spent very well I hope.

8:06 just got hit by a professional gang. Mummy, lady bug, skeleton, and some grunge kids. I am down to about 12 bars now. Not sure if we will have any left.

My first “thanks” from the lady bug. She rules.

7:56 3 older kids. I asked for ID and they laughed.

Then got hit by two parents carrying a baby. They looked like meth heads

Put the leashes on the dogs to keep them controllable. Thunks loves chasing the leashes. Fuggles got out back in her shirt and pissed all over it. So we got her a new shirt.


7:36 two angels

put the electrical touchy thing out there.


7:30 3 plus a bebeh
Parental units are strong with all who have shown up so far.

7:14 first batch of kiddies.
Neighbor girl rocking an awesome witch costume with her devil friend. Reeses PB and twix

then a goblin, a kid in full stereotypical mexican garb, and a girl with a skelleton shirt (children these days)

I decided to load up the black light and some light rope. More chalk arrows and CANDY in big letters. just in case. Parental unit responded to my Q “you think the black light is as good as a bright porch light?”
“ya…………… lights” Not sure if English is his main language.


6:48 still not a knock 🙁

Fuggles has been domesticacated. She seems really fine with it. It is only a large shirt and fits really well. Me thinks she will be rocking shirts more often.


Stupid sun go down. The kids across the street are restless. I think I saw one of the feral children peeking over their porch rail.

Chalked the sidewalk


Thunks is rocking the Old Russian Lady look. We tried to get a shirt from a teddy bear on him, but it was too small. Theresa got one of her smallest shirts on him, but he wiggled out of it.


Fuggles is wearing a scarf and is a bit too riled up at the moment for her boxers and shirt. I will get it on her though. Maggie is too old for this crap.


Good treats this year. Full size bars. Only filling the pan with two of each kind for now.


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