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2 months of WTF? all came down to a rdiator cap.

yup the honda had been having some problems. It overheated, we took it to a shop, they flushed with high pressure the radiator. All was good for a few weeks. Then it happened again. I freaked one time, bought a jug o coolant and some bottled water, fixed it up for a few days.

Well it kept happening, I kept filling it back up. Asked all my friends who are motor savy, got some ideas, but still nothing. So I went to town on that bitch today. Filled er up and ran the engine for over an hour. No leaks. Called up Kit, he said I should go rent a pressure tester or get a new radiator cap. Went and asked the O’Reilly auto parts guy with my usual “mind if I suckle from your teat of knowledge?”. He said yes and eventualy asked about the cap. “Does it have chineese writing on it?” “Why yes it does.” Replace it, run the car for a bit to open up the thermostat, and look for leaks, you can look at….

I got home and a bunch of coolant had seeped from the cap onto my fan shroud. Problem solved. No repair shop, no replacing anything more than a stupid cap. Phew…….

Theresa drove me all around town so I could get more pics of local places to check the new cap out. Notta prob besides how I embarrased her 😉

all good.

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