19 in 1 jamma board in the BorKade

I picked up a 19-in-1 jamma card for my Escape from the planet of the robot monsters machine. Jamma is a standard for arcade machines so you can swap boards out easily with a connector. I had to do some major rewiring, new buttons, and new joysticks. This board uses the real ROMs of the games, so they are not recreations. Defender and Stargate do not have hyperspace and thrust is done with the joystick though. Some of the games are hella lame and I turned them off, but having Robotron on there made the choice insanely easy. I got it from newegg for $99, when they used to run $250. I have been having a blast and look to get another arcade cabinet and install a 60-in-1 vertical card in the future.

Robotron: 2084
Battle City
Mario Bros
New Rally-X
Ghost’n Goblins
Solomon’s Key
Sky Kid
Ice Climber
Super Mario Bros
Do! RunRun
Kick Rider

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