home sweet home


The puter to the left on the bottom is my linux NAS (network attached storage) server. It is an AMD 3400. It has 6 hard drives in it (5 for the samba share) and acts as a raid 5 600 GB network storage share. It is a complete ubuntu 6.6 machine, 19 inch monitor and the blue wireless mouse. Keyboard is on top for when I need it.

Right (on desk) my main machine. Ubuntu 6.10 / XP dual monitor and a good graphics card. AMD 3500. Add a crappy chair, a penguin full of software, and a foot stool. I am gosh darn happy.

full image

I really enjoy having networked puters. My NAS box works very hard on things I do not care to burden my main PC with. Network storage is mounted to my main puter and gosh darn it is really cool. I only boot into XP when I need to game, other wise any windows stuff is done with vmware on my NAS. I really enjoy having 3 19 inch monitors kicking. Makes me feel really cool. I need more though 😉

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