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13 amazing years with Maggie came to an end


What a gift her life with us was.

Today at lunch we knew it was time to put our sweet little Maggie down when we saw she threw up the little bit of food she had eaten in the last day completely undigested. After a visit to the vet last night and the Xray showing how the cancer has taken over her lungs to the point her muscles shake because they do not have enough oxygen, we are ready to put her to rest. The vet will come to put her to sleep Saturday at 2:30 at our home.

Maggie was my first dog I ever had the privilege to live with. My roommate got her to be trained as a hunting dog. Theresa was my live in GF and we loved her as our own. Maggie was gun shy and my roommate let us keep her when he moved on. Theresa and I adopted our late dog Cloe about 6 months after our roommate got Maggie. They were best buddies and I am sure that is why he let us keep her when he moved away. Although I have already lost a dog, this one hurts a bunch because she has been with me through all of it. She will always be my first dog and a great member of our family we will always remember.

We will cremate her Like we did with Cloe. We have a small urn with Cloe’s ashes and will mix some Maggie in there as well. We spread Cloe’s ashes at her favorite places, Wilderness, salt creek by our house, cooper park, and the Oak Lake dog run. Maggie will get the same as well. So at least we get one more night with her. Maybe Theresa will let me sleep in her bed tonight 🙂

We are going to take our time to get another dog. We picked up Fuggles two days after Cloe died and it was not fair to Maggie at all. She was so mad. The puppy helped us, but we need to make sure we get a dog who will fit. Might look into fostering a dog as well. Until we start looking we need to work on training Fuggles better, and spoiling the crap out of her.

We will always love you and miss you dearly baby.

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UPDATE: Maggie had a really rough night. We thought it was the end at 4 Am, but she kept kicking and laid in bed for a while after Theresa got up. She made it to her safe spot between the couch and coffee table at a bout 10 AM. Vet called and said they would be here at 12:30 Maggie was so ready and the shot was administered. She went almost instantly, within a minute she had no heartbeat. We took a few minutes so the other pets could see her body and understand what happened. I carried her out to the vets truck and that was that.

Today is actually a happy day, her suffering is over. It went so easy and not having to take her into the vet was absolutely perfect. The house call was $45 extra, but completely worth it. If you are ever in a similar situation see if your vet offers in home service. If not, the emergency vet does.

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