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1. bus your own tables
2. don’t set money on a counter…hand it to the cashier
3. don’t take too many napkins
4. don’t take an excessive amount of catchup
5. don’t tell the cashier to upsize if you grill, after the meal is grilled.
6. tell them what kind of drink you’d like
7. don’t leave a mess, and make sure your brats don’t either.
8. don’t order a ton of water
9. don’t order 10 doubles through drive through
10. don’t pay entirely with change.

11. don;t think that mcdonalds in dairy queen
12. we don’t Biggie size anything
13. don’t get upset when crew get tired
14. don’t come when it’s right time to close
15. in dt, don’t set money on the ledge–it’ll fall off
16.don’t complain
17. don’t leave your feminine higein products anywhere
18. don’t leave your beer bottles in the bathroom
19. crew are people too
20. don’t ask for fresh anything unless you want to be parked.
21. don’t ask us to throw your garbage thru driv thru
22. don’t come just to use the bathroom or throw away your garbage
23. especially things from other resturaunts.
24. don’t piss on the floor or walls
25. don’t clog the toliets
26. don’t smear hand prints everywhere
27. don’t complain about the toys
28. do SMILE and be PLEASENT
29. there is NO CHOCOLATE ice cream
30. we only take CASH
31. don’t just say you want food
32. don’t think that anyone will hook you up
33. don’t ask someone wheres my mcdonalds- when thier outside of the store.
34. don’t ask someone after they’ve gotten off to help you
35. tell the dt person, if you want sauce, catsup, or salt
36.have your money ready at the window
37. know what you want when you get there
38. don’t say just a minute in DT
39. don’t have your DT order take for freaking ever.
40. actually, don’t order 10 doubles ever
41. don’t treat the crew like their less than you.
42, don’t pay for a dollar item with a 50 or a 100 dollar bill.
43. If you a chick customer…don’t hit on me
44. don’t order a ton of ice cream
45. don’t be impatient. Fast food is NOT fast.
46. Don’t order a ton of anything.
47. Don’t leave soap all over the bathroom
48. don’t sit there and leave itsy bits of tp on the bathroom floor
49. don;t shit on the toliet seat
50. expect coffee with a ton of cream to be given to you seperatly. It takes time to open all that fucking cream.
51. Don’t add things at the window
52. Don’t ask for water at the present window
53. don’t leave condiments on the table.
54. we don’t have a 99 cent menu or fry. Add a freaking penny.
56. don’t ask us if we’re lovin it.
57. don’t ask us for change if drawer is closed
58. If you get a diet…why are you getting it LARGE?
59. yes there is tax on drinks.
60. don’t leave straw rappers on counter
61. there are no kiddie cones
62. flurries are only one size and don’t order them through dt
63. lettuce and tomato are extra
64.customers need to flush the toliet.
65. no hand prints on the door.
66. take you lid off if you wanna refill
67. we don’t always know driving directions.
68. no, you can’t use the phone
69. we don’t have tacos, or whoppers
70. soup and brownie sundaes are seasonal.
71. don’t come in with a bus without pre calling before hand
72. we don’t have italian dressing
73. don’t complain about things we can’t fix i.e. broken speakers
74. if you order a water– it’s tap–and it’s not dancing.
75. to go–means it’s in a bag
76. there is no medium hot drink
77. two kinds of cappacinos. And no medium ones*sigh*
78. don’t BITCH at me
79. don’t issult my integrity
80. Don’t park your bikes inb Drive Thou
81. Don’t drive off
82. I’m not your honey
83. I’m not your sweetie pie
84. I’m not your cupcake.
85. if you must specify happy meal toys, for a boy or girl
86. don’t come in DRUBK
87. don’t come in High
88. don’t try to solicit
89. don’t try and ask me about my personal life
90. Nick is not here for your sexual gauking pleasure.
91. He is for mine though
92. Shamrock shakes come durring st. Pats day…and Are for a limited time
94. there are no more “ressie” flurries
95. I don’t wanna feed your dam dog a peice of meat
96. there are no six peice nuggets
97. don’t genderize toys
98. Don’t assume the gender of the order taker
99. Don’t ask the gender of the order taker.
100. don’t eat at the east wooster mcdonalds.

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