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$1 buys the last bit of land to connect the trail from Lincoln to Beatrice


That picture there is the beginnings of the paved section of the Jamaica North trail next to my house. Fuggles looks a little bummed cuz we are not moving. Since the ground has been wet all winter we have not gotten out on the trails much and I just run her on the newly paved 4th street many times a week as long as it is not icy or freezing cold.

The trail is getting really close to being done. I am very excited to have it on my block. I will use the crap out of it.


The Beatrice City Council recently voted to accept the donation of an 8.5-mile abandoned railroad corridor from Pickrell to Cortland from the Nebraska Trails Foundation, thus acquiring the last unfinished stretch of trail from Lincoln to Beatrice.

“We charged them the ridiculous price of one dollar,” said Ross Greathouse, president of the Nebraska Trails Council, which started the foundation.
Greathouse said he actually gave the city $10 out of his own pocket to complete the transaction. He joked that Beatrice officials made money on the deal because they didn’t give him change.

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