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M & N sandwich shop

Am I in chicago? cuz it sure tastes like it. Make sure to order it juicy (don’t ask just do it)

Major Tom wrote:

Someone mentioned something about a great sandwich shop. I want to mention that an incredible place if you like Chicago style deli sandwiches is M&N’s, on 27th & Randolph. This is not your typical high class snob place to eat. The decor is appalling, they have live jazz bands in a shop with maybe four tables, but they have truly awesome sandwiches.
The place has been there for a number of years, and until the smoking ban it was possible to go in there and see Norm working on sandwiches with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. But if you don’t care about appearances, this is the place to go.
1. Sandwiches are truly awesome, my vote for the best pastrami in town, as well as other deli sancwiches. Real good Wisconsin cheese soup too.
2. Prices are ridiculously low, I don’t see how they stay open. I can remember going in and getting supper for three people, and paying like $8 or $9 bucks for three large sandwiches and three bowls of soup.
3. Norm and his family are clearly huge jazz fans, their only decorations are autographed pictures of jazz greats, mostly from people who have played at the Zoo bar, but some from Chicago. I like jazz, but would not consider myself a big fan. But even I’ve heard of most of these people (like most of the guys in the original Blues Brothers — minus Belushi and Akroyd, of course).
4. They deliver, but it’s a $2.00 delivery charge for anyplace but the Zoo bar, where it’s free delivery. Like I said, a huge jazz fan.
5. They have live jazz, I think on Friday and Saturday night, but it might just be Friday. Seating might be a problem, but it’s not like they draw big crowds.

Just go in, look confused, and Norm will ask you if it’s your first time. As soon as you say yes, he starts fixing you up with all kind of samples to taste. You will find something you like, if you like deli sandwiches.

Update: they have moved to a new location. Still 27th and Randolph, but not on the NE side. A little smaller place and they are still working on live shows. Apparently attendance went down after the smoking ban 🙁 But, the sammy’s still rock 😉

M & N Sandwich shop Lincoln Ne

M & N sandwich shop Lincoln Ne

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