Keller Williams

So on some of my vids I use Keller songs. They so happy and just make me feel like riding. Got some commments his music over on folks from lincoln. Realized I have never posted about him.

his site
his myspace

How to splain? Well he is a guitar virtuiso, a one man jam band, and a great song writer, and a complete goofball. Uses many different guitars and instruments to make some interesting music. Mostly acoustic guitars of the 6/10 string variety and a fancy looping machine. On a usual show he will have 10 or so guitars some on stands so he can just go to them and insert a little loop. Then there is the mouth flugel and beatboxing. he said he did not want to pay a drummer as the inspiration to looping.

He does some great covers and is pretty big in the hippy/jam scene. He sold out the rococo two years ago, showing that his fan base follows anywhere he goes.

see what I mean about being goofy?

and just being plain awesome