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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……. beer

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Fuggles is still afraid of baloons

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Took the afternoon off and Fuggles and I hit wilderness. She loves it out there and snow was an added bonus. Music Loup River Band & Street Choir

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Jamaica North the fast way

This would be about 1/2 mile south of 14th street to almost Old Cheney. Just testing out speeding up video. 4X darn that is one very straight trail. Used to be rail line.

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clocky is evil

So Theresa’s Dad dropped off clocky as a cruel joke last night. I needed to get up at 8:00 cuz I picked up a friend and headed to the police auction. No good bikes. So T set clocky to wake me up. Also she waited for it to go off, then hit snooze, which activates […]

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It was a bit runny by the time I got it home, but I can taste the patriotism. Is that essence of eagle in there? It good. Fuggles really wanted some. Was it worth going to walmart and many, many other stores looking for it? Nope. it is just ice cream, but darn it is […]

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