Thunkerdoodle was interested in me thawing the cold packs that some in plated boxes. Saving up for a super sweet gelli baff. The goop in there is fun to bathe in

$40 garage sale awesome grill


Has cast iron grates that can be flipper for fat grates (sear), or thin grates (grill). Had to scrub off all the rust and season the grates and it is rocking/

It is a cast aluminum grill. Super heavy duty. I thought I would have to do a bunch of work on the hoses, but they are all good.

New burner and deflector plate on the way. Came with the moving warming grate, but it is rusted out and I would never use it.

feels good to have the site up again

Me trying to walk into a pizza place

Spent a lot of time cleaning out my sites on my webhost and deleting tons of stuff over weeks while going through support. Turns out is was their fault.

I figured out the slowness issue. Your VPS’s IP
address used to be assigned as a unique IP for one of our customers’
domains. The reverse DNS lookup for the IP still returns that domain
name. This was confusing the MySQL server and severely slowing down the
login process. I added a setting to the MySQL server telling it to
recognize requests from your VPS’s IP properly and things have sped up.

Because my sites were compromised I have to start over with a new theme. I don’t get many visitors these days, so I won’t go too crazy. Thanks for swinging by.