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Thought it would be cool, but it is just a browser of their site. Even when you flip the screen sideways you have to scroll in all directions to read the comics. meh….

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mini Gore iphone game

Sharkbird said I should get this game. It is pretty cool, funny, and fun. It is a two stick game like robotron and you get to kill lots of little evil things.

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I went out and bought an angle thinger to get the proper slope on my playfield. Andrew was all get an app for that and I was all like pffffffft whatever. But he was right. The iphone app is insanely accurate. It is almost spooky.

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iPhone support in Ubuntu 10.04

Looking pretty cool. Must be jailbroken

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NE DMV drivers test iphone app

Pretty cool and free. Search for Nebraska DMV or nicusa to find it. Made by Theresa’s work.

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tapatalk is an app you can get on droid, Nokia, and iphones that makes browsing PHPBB and Vbullitin message boards much easier. I installed it on the forum and it works great. Thread about it

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Dragon’s Lair on the iphone

Dragon’s Lair is now available on the iphone $4.99. i was never any good at the game. My brother ruled at it though. He even got to play it on the big screen at Showbiz during a tournament. Can’t remember if he won something or not. Found a walkthrough for it, and apparently it is […]

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some decent 99 cent apps

Skeeball is #1 on the top 25 list right now and pretty fun The deep pinball game is well done. Played on a roadtrip and one game lasted me a good 10 minutes.

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