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Zelda Skyward Sword

Theresa and I have been fighting over the wii for a week now. She got the new Rayman game and I have been playing Skyward Sword a ton. The new Zelda game is pretty cool. They fixed some of the lame stuff and the sword with the motion plus is very cool. I use the […]

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awesome homemade Wheatley

How it was built

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Not really a spoiler for portal 2, but if you have made it through the game this might just bring a tear to your eye.

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portal 2 is fun

For some reason I still have not beat the game, but I am enjoying it a ton. The game now has a story which makes it feel more like a full game. There are a lot of levels and some new toys to play with. I have not tried the coop yet. I thought it […]

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Portal 2 tonight maybe

Valve did some strange thing this weekend and now the countdown has begun. I hope it is before midnight it gets released. I think I should take a nap this eve.

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5 more days. I am going insaner. Got a new computer with a great graphics card. Do not call me next week, because I am working on a super secret project or someone died and I have to go to Papua New Guinea or something.

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OMG hurry up and release. I have pre ordered and am antsy.

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Still Alive – Basix

All done with human noise ports by Basix Portal 2 comes out April 18th. I need to be cryo frozen. The only reason to boot into windows I can think of.

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