You must be this tall to ride the ride…


Because if you didn’t see the thorny branch sticking out of the tree, you might need to read this sign.

Took the bike out to Clinton Lake today in Lawrence, KS. Had never ridden there before, probably might go back again. It was a pretty tough trail in places, lots of climbs with rocks. After last week I am still a bit fearful of rocks so this did not please me.

Didn’t ride on the technical sections because I know that is beyond my skillz. In fact, the blue trail that I rode on was beyond my skills in places. You’d get a good groove going then BAM come up on a sketchy part with rocks and roots and a 15% incline. I may have over exagerated the rocks. 😉

Ate a bug, nearly threw up. Prolly would have felt better if I did. Throat burned for quite some time. The whole length is supposed to clock in at 8 miles on the blue line but I stopped sooner because of the bug. About a mile from the end, which I would have had to loop back. Took the road back cuz I wasn’t going back on that trail.

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