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Wii Fit makes me want to cry


That thing is plain and simple mean. So my wii fit age is 42 🙁 and my BMI is 27 🙁

So it keeps nagging me about my weight, makes my little mii look all fat and hunches over and has a hard time breathing, and dang thing asks me why I am out of shape and makes me pick a reason. At least I get to step on it 🙂

Theresa is sitting pretty at a 19 BMI and it loves her. We have been rocking it nightly though. I am almost at 2 hours of playing. But I have prob spent a good 6 hours playing it. It only tracks games you do and awards you a few token minutes of play. LAME. It has us laughing at each other often though. It took a while to get the hula hoop motion down and I am not allowed to take video of her doing it. It is really hard to resist the urge to push Theresa off her balance and the dogs do not help too much when doing yoga.

My gut is really sore and I can only do 3 pushups 🙁

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