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whole day of fence work



Holy fricking crap I am beat. Dug out a bunk fence post, put in new post, replace 4 stringers and all the pickets with west neighbor. Rip out whole fence and replace with new panels with the neighbor on the east side. 3 showers, and on my 5th shirt of the day. I bet I lost 5 pounds in sweat.

My new neighbors to the east are pretty cool and when we first met, they inquired about replacing the fence. It was pretty old and falling apart. It was a shadow box style the gaps between the boards caused problems with their dogs and ours wanting to duel to the death. We spent a week alternating outside time with our dogs to avoid issues, but there were a few instances. Luckily no dogs got hurt. Now they can bark all they want, but not nip at each other. They have two beagles and they are cute as heck. The howl from them is adorable.

The previous neighbor owns a few properties around the neighborhood and was never home. For 12 years we really never had a neighbor on that side. We were glad to find out that our new neighbors are pretty much our age and we seem to get along well.

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