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we live in some area that does not follow the rules of space or time


The mail at our house rarely comes around at the same time everyday. When it is really late I figure the guy is just having a bad day or something. Then I started noticing that it is never the same person delivering the mail. Today I was outside heading back from lunch and the mail carrier was out there. I asked him if I get a different carrier every day. He said “yes”, and then explained that our house is not actually on a route, but a mini alt route that is assigned to other carriers each day along with their normal routes. I am guessing it might have something to do with the railroad tracks and how close we are to the main post office.

Our house is one block away from industrial and the designated blighted area for the Arena. It has gone from an area I was afraid to deliver pizza too, to a place that has Urban Trail gardens and the Jamaica north trail. We have paved streets, a trail, fancy street posts, and about 100 trees planted this last fall. Glad to be stuck in this strange spot.

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