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We are both tobacco free because of personal vaporizers, or more commonly knows as e-cigs


Left to right: 1. Theresa’s DV ego-c twist with an Artemas (UDCT) dual coil carto tank mini. 2. My Kanger Protank. 3. My Artemas (UDCT) dual coil carto tank Large. 4. My ego-c twist with an Artemas (UDCT) dual coil carto tank mini.

Theresa is currently vaping 50PG/50VG:
Grape with a touch of sweet tart

Steve is vaping 100VG:
Jons Blend (juicy fruit / cinnamon) mixed with dragon fruit
Gummi bear mixed with dragon fruit. (dragon fruit is very light flavored and low throat hit)

So We both used tobacco about a week ago. I chewed, she smoked. Our uber bitchin neighbor, Rob, started trying to quit smoking by trying the Blu e-cig kit and got a bit frustrated. He tried another low end brand and was still sad. Then he found a local e-cig store called GNS Vapors and got a real decent setup. I watched him vape and tried it a few times… and coughed my arse off. More on that later. Eventually he was off tobacco cigarettes (called analogs in the lingo) and becoming a vaping expert.

After a few weeks I finally hit up GNS Vapors on my own hoping to kick the chew habit by vaping. Got a decent setup and some e-juice (will explain later) and started vaping. Chew delivers so much more nicotine and at a constant rate, where smoking is a rush every smoke break. I started off at 20mg of nicotine, but am now down to 12. It was not as easy for me for a couple of reasons.

I tried smoking for about 6 years. 6th grade to graduating high school. I maybe inhaled twice during those six years. I cannot handle the throat hit of the smoke. I snarf on any smoke. Also I was not getting the physical feeling of a burning dip in my lip and trying to replace it by inhaling a nicotine laced water vapor. It was rough both ways. The guys at GNS helped so much and I got used to it. I can now vape semi clouds, but still it irritates.

The thing is I was able to kick my chewing habit. The feeling of my smooth lip and the gums actually growing back is darn freaky and so rewarding. I decided on my own to quit chewing, well my dentist also had an opinion, but I still claim achieving the goal. The last two days of chewing I bought a new can, took 1-2 dips for very short bits of time and threw it away. So done. The gums on the inside of the teeth are getting back to normal and it is the strangest feeling. I had no clue my chewing was hurting the inside of my gums as well.

Of course I shared the whole adventure with Theresa and offered to take care of her hardware wise if she ever wanted to try vaping. I was not pushy and she asked 11 days ago to go to GNS Vapors to try some flavors. She is now 9 days tobacco free and loves vaping. She washed her drapes and stuff. Ashtrays are washed and put away. She wants the car to get cleaned as well. Both of us could not be happier. We look forward to the time we quit vaping as well.


Sorry for the long post. I have only just begun. I hope I can at least help anyone who wants to get off tobacco and make sure you do not waste your time or money. I will make posts about hardware and my hardware adventure. What vaping actually is and how it is a great alternative to tobacco. We absolutely love the above setup. Carto tanks FTW.


I went through a lot of crap to get it down and hope to help folks avoid doing that.

The popeye’s girl today asked me a bunch of questions about it. She wants to quit smoking. One of the craziest things about these e-cigs is how you see them all over now and how you see all types of folks at GNS when you are there. I chatted with and 82 year old dude in line yesterday behind a construction worker ordering gummi bear juice in front of us. Anyone can get off the tobacco.

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