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uncutting the cord


We have been cell phone only for a really long time. We did have a land line back when we were on DSL, but once we went to cable internet we got rid of the phone. Our cable bill was a bit insane and we decided to get rid of a couple boxes. Having cable in the BorKade was nice, but I mostly watched movies and we have tons of DVDs. I did not have a DVR down there and at a whopping 19 inches HD did not matter much. Decided to just hook the cable right into the TV and use the tuner it has. Theresa picked up a 5 disc DVD player for her room and ditched the DVR. So now we only have one cable box. That dropped the bill a good amount.

While at Time Warner Cable I inquired about how we could lower our cable bill even further. I had been getting the mailings offering the bundle and it was cheaper to sign up for the phone bundle. We did a two year contract and increased to road runner turbo and are still saving a significant chunk over our previous bill. They knocked off the sports tier I did not even know we had. It might be worth seeing if you can lower your bill as well. I am looking forward to getting telemarketing calls, And hamburger phones are $10 shipped from ebay.

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