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time for the commuter challenge again

Over on folks from Lincoln the challenge has been made again this year. Ride your bike to work every day.

What: Commute to work or owe your challengers a 12 oz. beverage (Old Style, High Life or Budweiser, Guinness, or Busch)

When: Memorial Day to Labor Day 2007

Why: Bikes are fun and cars suck

Official rules:

1. You must ride a bicycle to your primary occupation or forfeit a 12 oz. beverage of your opponents’ choice on Friday of each week.

2. The 12 oz. beverage may be either Old Style, High Life, Budweiser, Busch or Guinness. You can choose to buy cans and give them to your opponents or buy downtown. Beer payment can be either off sale cans/bottles or beer boughten at any establishment in Lincoln, but I encourage Yia Yia’s, Oso, Bricktop or O’Rourkes.

3. Kids and injuries are the only excusable reasons to drive to work. Limit 5 free passes for the duration of the event.

4. This is the honor system. Big brother is watching.


5. If you fail to ride to work you must submit a pic of your pathetic self driving to work and get it up on the internets. The pic must clearly show the utter disgust on your face for helping kill the planet. Please be careful while taking pic.

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