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the iwait is driving me insaner :( UPDATED :)

Theresa got her iphone friday, my account got charged Friday, I was first in the queue friday, but I still wait for a “it has been shipped” tracking #.

We have put the hurt on Theresa’s iphone though. Battery power is not what you would expect. We were draining it quick over the weekend. Lots of fun apps out there. Trisim is horribly addicting. The maps with GPS is really fun to play with. It can tell if I am in the living room or near the back door. On our way to dinner last night it tracked pretty good. Said Theresa was in the opposing lane a few times and we apologize for all the houses we went through around 9th and D street. Got browsing down good, and it only crashed about 4 times on me. Ripped some movies and played bits of one on it. Was fun.

There are a bunch of applications that require you to register with their service. I did not do that on her phone. So there are many apps I want to try out that I will have to wait for. Found a good app for hooking into flickr and it allows you to download pics from it. That is really nice. The wordpress app works pretty good too. Since you cannot copy and paste, nor use a WYSIWYG to post, links will not show up very often if I post from the phone. Oh and if you want a pic in the post you have to upload it from the phone. I heard some groans about the camera, and I have to say it is better than I thought it would be.

I better have that darn thing by tomorrow.

UPDATE: finally got a tracking number during a marathon refresh session. About 30 clicks and 2 minutes in it appeared. eeeee

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