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The Great Shaving Rip-Off

So I have mentioned a place where you could pay a monthly fee for razors a while back. I have been a member for 3 or so months. Well a bit after I got my first blades some folks on the internets pointed out something interesting. The razors from the month club are Dorco brand. You can buy them in bulk at 1/3 the price of the shave club. I wanted to switch to the 6 blade style with the trimmer, but they were out for a while.

Dorco decided to get into the business on their own. They started up a site called The Great Shaving Rip-Off. There you can purchase the cartridges and shaver handles or at their main site. I picked up 5 packs to test out. And hope to buy in mega bulk if I am happy with them.

If you google the shave club you will find a lot of articles saying the same thing. I still got some Gilette fusion blades hanging around, but this really is sort of another game changer for the fancy razor industry. Dorco blades are fairly respected with the safety razor folk and I am betting their other razors are just as good as the other premium brands. And they come in lady styles too.

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