The dutch oven chronicles part III roast

roasts do not photograph well

went with the whole layer of aromatics for the meat to rest on again. Browned the roast a bit last night. 6-8 ounces of wine, 1/3 of a can of beef broth, and a can of concentrated broth for the liquid. Threw the roast in the oven at near noon at 200 degrees. I was hoping the roast and veg would give up enough juice to avoid the failed stew. At 5 PM the roast was beyond fork tender and sitting in a pool of very onion smelling juice. It was a cheap super saver roast and turned out amazingly well.

The juice left over made a good gravy. The aromatics make a huge difference. THat is a major reason we really like the dutch oven and it is gonna get used a bunch.


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