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super mega KC trip post

Our awesome neighbors went on a trip to Chicago a couple weeks back. We watched their pups, and it made us long for a bit of time away. On Monday Theresa suggested a KC trip because I had been hinting at going on a trip to worlds of fun during their last full week where the place is completely dead and you do not even have to get off the coaster to ride again. We worked it out and left at 6:30 AM on friday morning with the neighbors camping and fooderizing the livestock.


For some dumbass reason we stopped at Denny’s in Saint Jo. It was horrible. Seeing the Waffle House just a mile down after getting on the interstate after made me tear up. Next time


got to WOF at 13 after it opened. rode the prowler twice. That thing is awesome. really tightly packed and like double twisty humps all over. so much better than the timber wolf

boomerang once

mamba once

spinning dragon once

park was filling up fast and since Theresa does not ride coasters I did not want to make her wait. we went and changed into our swims and rode the big carousel and headed to OOF.

Being a big tummy guy I wanted to wear a shirt of shame, but there were large exposed guts all over so I said F it. Theresa loved the lazy river and did one two person on a tube slide with me. I got in some of the big slides and we bailed tired as shit. Mamba had trains stuck at the two brake points when we crossed back into WOF. We headed to the car and left, and the trains were still stuck 25 minutes later. That would suck.


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Headed to Westport for lunch… but Theresa and I were beat and sun burnt bad that we just passed it and headed to the country club Marriot to rest. She went down for a nap and I went exploring. Took asking 4 people to find a pinball machine. Fred P Ott’s was the place and a block away from the hotel. After 3 visits they pretty much were glad to see me. They had a Jhonny Neumonic pin that had a broken coil wire on the left flipper. It would large coil fire, but the low coil was not active so it would only flip and then go dead once the EOS (End Of Stroke) switch was triggered. I played it so much that I got used to it. The replay was easy because I am guessing so many folks just drained over and over lowering the replay. Every game I grew that replay that it will mess with the average.

We headed to dinner




Fogo de Chão® was fricking ridiculous. It was like standing under a meat waterfall with meat fountains shooting at us. At $45 a person it is insane, but our best dining experience yet and compares to cruise ship level of service. We felt like kings.

Dining Experience
Step 1: Sit down, relax, and enjoy a drink while we explain the Fogo® dining experience.

Step 2: Visit our gourmet salad and sides bar. Enjoy over 30 items including fresh cut vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats and Brazilian side dishes.

Step 3: Turn your card green side up, signaling that you are ready for our gaucho chefs to begin tableside service.

Step 4: Choose from the 15 cuts of delectable fire roasted meats that are brought to your table, sliced, and served by our gaucho chefs.

Step 5: When you are satisfied, flip the disc to the red side until you are ready for more offerings.

Step 6: If you wish, end the meal with one of our delicious desserts.

The gaucho chefs in funny pants and boots pretty much attack you with swords stabbing one of 16 different meats. In about a minute of flipping your card to green you will have at least 6 of these roaming meat guys hit your table. You have little tongs at your table and if they are carving off a big hunk of meat they have you grab the chunk while they finish the cut. Many of the items are small medallions that they just slide off on your plate, but with the smaller beef ones they will have ones of different temps and they bust out their knives and do some crazy cut thing to get the meat hunk off the skewer and on your plate. It was pretty overwhelming with the meat guys hitting you so fast and hard. You can only have the card green for a minute or two before you have a meat mountain. If one of the meats you want to try has not swung by you let one of the gauchos know or your waiter and it will be there in a flash.

The meats are very lightly seasoned, mostly just kosher salt, so the flavor of the wood fired cooking shines through. They will do multiple variations of some cuts. The garlic beef was so good. I found out I am not a fan of lamb, and the chicken drumstick might of been my fave of the night after the beef ribs that are cooked in the pic above. The parmesan encrusted pork loin mini chunks ruled so hard. I tried all of them. It got to the point where I actually hurt.

The waiter would come by very often and give you a new plate and use a tiny brush to clean your table cloth off. The level of service was almost annoying. Theresa had a strawberry version of their signature drink and it messed her up for the night. We surrendered and our waiter urged us to just sit for a bit and see if we could be tempted again and gave us new plates once again. It worked, but once again we surrendered and they talked us into desert. I forget what they called it, but it looked like soupy brains covered in blood. Inquired more and the waiter told us how it is made. Papaya food processed into a paste, mixed with vanilla bean ice cream, and topped with 2 shots of black currant liqueur. It was amazing.

They all pool tips, and Like Lazlo’s you will have multiple servers plus the gauchos. I hear lunch is cheaper and just as good. We made a reservation online and they even sent an email thanking us after. I hear there is one in Omaha, but it is more like pinkberry where you get meat and have it weighed.




The flea market bar and grill was great. Darn good burger and their beer selection was insane. I get the feeling that many places in KC have great beer selections. Bally Fastbreak and STERN High Roller with a bunch of other fun games there. Never even seen a fastbreak before. Got one ball in, but some very overweight kids were playing high rollers and annoying me so much I let them finish it.

Theresa and I do not sleep in the same bed and vacations suck so hard because we have to sleep together. It was a rough night with her waking me up constantly to make me stop snoring. I curled up on a 2 seat couch all curled up, but still she would wake me saying it made no difference. Found out right before we left that the couch was a hide a bed >.< IMAG1967

Our hotel desk lady Jamie ruled so hard. She was a hoot. During the day she had her sleeves down, but around midnight she had them rolled up showing off her tatts and she was so helpful giving info on where to eat and other things. Hit the jacuzzi and pool 4 times the first day. Gave Jamie a balloon bear made by Sparks the clown for thanks. He smelled, but hugged good.

Fun times for sure. We are beat. I do not like the complex interstate system at all. Theresa is a great google navigator, but when you have to cross 7 lanes over 3 diff interstates in 2 minutes to hit a left exit it sucks. I got honked at big time once and deserved it. Stressed me out so much Theresa drove the rest of the way home.

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