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stoopid website / any issues out there? Plus do you want to post on BorK but never got made an editor?


Thanks to the nice folk who contacted me about my websites being down this morning. I slept in and awoke to a bunch of emails and text messages. Jeesh you folks really like random crap or something 😉

I rebooted my server and the SCS forum came back, but this blag was hosed. I did not have a backup and was pretty freaked out. I was getting a “Error establishing a database connection” message. Contacted support and hoped they would have a snapshot they could revert to, hit the dump to get rid of the old kitchen, came back and no reply. Delved deeper into the problem and figured out that my wp-config.php was pointing to the wrong mysql database. All good now.

So if you have registered and want to become a contributor to BorK but never got the power please let me know. As with lots of wordpress blogs the register spam has become almost impossible to sift through. I get around 10 new ones a day and stopped looking for names I recognize.

A friend said he cannot see the banner up top for months now. Anyone else having that issue?

Thanks to all that visit here. I still have no clue why.

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