so ready to go on vacay and upon my return I can come into work late


Maggie is one smart doggie. She knows what a suitcase means. Theresa has been packing it when the pups are outside.

Got a good amount of posts lined up for next week, feel free to post away.

This is pretty funny. During a meeting with our team here at work I told them I usually come in at 8:10 because I bike to work and live right next to park middle school. And the mothers driving their SUV’s, talking on their bluetooth headsets, drinking their lattes, while filled up on zoloft and xanex scares the crap out of me.

An email about our team had this in it:

Steve Ramos: 8:10 – 5


* VMWare
* Pretty comfortable in Linux and managing Linux servers


* Little rusty when it comes to windows and AD

that is fricking funny.

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