so cited about star wars lego game

I got a ride back to work after lunch from Theresa and have a pair of jeans in the car. Really strange thing is I never really cared for star wars (sorry CVO). But the game looks silly fun and swinging around a lightsaber seems really cool. And well TV is gonna suck for quite a while cuz of the strike and Theresa actually encourages me to play games. Can’t beat that.

We got another gigantor chicken breast from Hy-Vee and 1/2 of it went into last nights chili, the rest is gonna be a nice touch to our salad this evening. Might season the salad with some bacon I picked up. Will post another bacon in the quest tomorrow.

Trying to find new quests to work on. Thinking maybe best chicken enchilada or best bacon cheeseburger once again. I searched through all my old website incarnations and simply cannot find my first bacon cheese burger quest. Even hit the wayback machine.

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