Sad Mac Face*

My iMac is in bad condition… I came home from work today and was going through my RSS feeds. I clicked on a link (to BorK’s site nonetheless) and mid-click, my bluetooth mouse died. My iMac had a little kernel panic (the Mac BSOD, oh noes!) so I figured I’d restart, check the crash logs, and all would be good. ‘Cept on startup, it would just hang. And then kernel panic again. So I restart in verbose mode, which tells me what’s happening, and it turns out that is corrupted. The thing about is you can’t start OSX without it. I’ve been spending the past 5 hours trying to backup my iMac (my last back up is three weeks old), and trying reinstall. Except reinstalling causes another kernel panic. I think my DVD might be scratched.

My newest (and probably last trick in my bag) is copying my laptop’s hard drive onto the iMac’s hard drive. And if that doesn’t work, I have to send my Apple off to the fruit stand… That means a week without my iMac, a week without all my movies and tv shows, and a week without my RSS reader (ack!). Let’s cross our fingers that this will work…

How was your day? Did you make new friends or try new things?

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