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We got a roomba in our latest woot bag of crap and the charger I got online showed up Saturday. The thing was almost dead so it started a 16 hour battery refreshing cycle so we did not get to use it till Sunday. We let it wander the whole upstairs the first time and it picked up a lot of stuff. I was pretty impressed. It ran for about an hour and then needed a recharge. Ended up running it 5 times yesterday and it does a really good job.

We had not vacuumed for a week so there was pet hair and crap on the floors. The first few times we saw where it would catch some cords and get stuck. It is really good at getting unstuck, but wanted to keep cords from getting messed up and helped it a few times. Under my bed it found some dryer sheets that made it mad. After the 5th session our carpet was looking awesome. I turned on our regular vacuum and did a pass that got some of the smaller stuff up. It did pretty good on the linoleum in the kitchen too. Only problem was the vacuum would blow hair around the floor and then it would suck it up eventually.

I never thought they would be all that great. I did not know it had a vacuum in them. Just thought it used brushes to pick stuff up. The thing is much bigger than I thought it would be too. It seems pretty darn smart as well. It uses 3 methods to clean and seems to know which one to use. It worked wonders on the cat litter Thunky likes to throw. For $8 + $15 for a charger we are very happy. Doubt I would have ever bought one, but now I want a scoomba if we ever tile the kitchen floor. Plan is to run it weekday mornings when we leave for work. Will torment the livestock and not bother us. We has robot 🙂

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