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This is our new little piggy. We never really recycle or use a skip bin hire, but live a few blocks from one of the recycling drop off sites. I do go there often when we get a good bunch of stuff and I usually give my cans away to the folks who scrounge for cans in the neighborhood. But we still were throwing a bunch of stuff away. There are many services here in town and I have heard really good things about recyclelink.

I signed up for a year and paid for the whole year at $8 per month. They pick up weekly and you get points for each pound of stuff which you can turn in for coupons for all sorts of places. We have completely filled the thing twice now and one was 52 pounds of recyclables. They do not take glass, but you do not have to sort it either. So really we are earning more money in coupon form than we are paying for the service. Also I was able to give back one of the rolly containers I was renting from our garbage collectors and that was $11 a month. It works well. Let them know I sent you so I can get the referal credit if you decide to go with them.

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