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put that back son


I really only use the weed wacker 3 to 4 times a year. Went out this morn and tried to get my cheap as hell trimmer started. Came back in the house drenched in sweat and wore out after just trying to get the darn thing started. It had always been a pain, but once it got going I could keep it going. But not today.

Showered and looked at home depot’s site for a new one. Theresa was willing to chip in for it. Headed on down to pick up the one I wanted, but it apparently was online only. Stood there and decided on a $99 ryobi model. While heading to the checkout I spotted a HD employee that looked just like Sam Elliot. Stopped and asked him “Will this do?”

“Put that back son”

We headed over to the department and he explained the right way to go. “Stick with folks who are known to be good”.

TORO straight shaft beast for $169 and holy crap does it rule. The thing roared into action and has some sort of clutch. The head does not spin unless you are pulling the trigger. Spent over an hour destroying vegitive crap and laughing the whole time. I have never owned one of such quality. It is one of those ones that you can switch out the head with different things, but I am not too interested in the other attachments at the moment. It is so easy to start. It just begs to be used and is so happy to fire up.

Theresa: “it looks like it rained dried grass clipping out there”

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