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Plated ready to make meal delivery service is pretty cool



Plated is a subscription meal ingredient delivery service. You pick one of two days a week for delivery and how many meals and servings per meal. A friend sent me the gift of a free box and we picked two meals and tried it out. The ingredients are portioned out and you supply just basics like salt and pepper.

A box with two meals for two was about $50 including shipping. There are ways to justify that price like not having to shop for yourself, buying more than of an ingredient you need for the meal that might go to waste, and getting to try something new. We enjoyed trying some new stuff we would of never thought to try after the 4 meals.

The above pics are from the shepherds pie. My first parsnip. I love the little baggie of flour. The instructions are on a card and easy to follow. She called it less liquid stew and we both really enjoyed it. We found parsnips at Super Saver and plan on making it again with a few tweaks. Of course we do not need to use parsnips, but knowing that we are not bothered by eating them added an ingredient to our list of acceptable to use as food foodstuffs.

There are pics from all 4 meals below the fold with more details about the meals with my thoughts on the whole thing.

Fontina Chicken.




A rosemary seasoned cheese stuffed chicken breast with spinach and roasted fingerling potato sort of salad side. This meal was a plate cleaner. It was really good. So it is not too crazy of a meal, but got us to use new stuff like fresh rosemary as a major flavor component. I have never used fontina cheese or prepared a spinach salad. The fingerling potatoes really worked for us. We have since then made roasted fingerling potatoes in meals since. I always figured they were a bit silly, but they are fun and good.

Cheese tortellini in a basil and tomato soup.



We have done tortellini before, but usually just covered in a basil or sun dried tomato cream sauce I whip up, but this was a unique twist. Adding fresh spinach to soup? Why a shallot? And so just a bit of cheese in a not creamy soup? It totally worked and we will do something similar again for sure.

Chicken katsu with greens and wasabi aioli



This one was a bit outside our comfort zone. We did not pick this meal on purpose, I will explain below. We are big fans of panko breaded chicken and vary with how we season depending on the meal. This one had mustard as a seasoning on the chicken which was strange. Never had bok choy or chinese broccoli in the house. I likes the sesame oil sauteed veggies and it was OK.

Final Thoughts

It is a really cool service that does a good job with good recipes and delivery / packaging. The couple that donated our first box to us have used a similar service and found Plated to be much better. We tried new things and cooked the meals together. The overall experience was great for sure, but we ran into a few things. The katsu chicken and luckily the shepherds pie was an accidental order. Plated is subscription based and if you have not opted out for the next weeks meals the week before they are going to pick the meals for you. We have suspended our subscription at the moment to avoid accidental orders and because the next couple of weeks meals are just a bit to out there for us to try. We are going to keep our eye on future menus and will use the service again.

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