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phew….. all good, no surgery

^ noticed this sucker today at the docs office. A bit tender 😛

So hit up the ortho doc today. Type III shoulder separation. He gave me the option for surgery if I did not want the lump, but I declined. My collarbone will never be attached to my shoulder again, but it is a cosmetic thing pretty much. I am not a pro athlete or model so I can live a life with it hanging there no prob and it will not limit my range of motion or anything like that. Said only drawback is that the shoulder will tire easier when doing strenuous activities, but should not harm my performance. I can live with that.

The muscles around the area are sore and inflamed, the ligaments are torn and gone for good, and well the whole area is mad, but I am fully functional. Told me to keep using the arm but not push myself too hard so I can avoid PT. Will take time for everything to get healed and back to full strength, but I could ride my bike today if I wanted. I took the sling off and hit some stores on the way home. It hurt to just have it hang there or have it supported with my thumbs relieving weight hooked to my belt. Going to take it really easy and keep the pain pills doing their thing. He offered me more but I declined. I can call and get a Rx if I want though. I go back in 3 weeks just to see how I am doing. If I want I can have the surgery done at any time in the future, doubt I will though. Just glad i am not as bad as I thought I would be. Phew………

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