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Penzeys chili 3000 is nummy


We wanted to taste the penzeys chili 3000 so did not add chili beans, just went straight up kidney beans, cut up chuck, chicken, petite diced and crushed tomatoes.
Usually we add chili powered, some garlic, and cumin. The Penzeys is loaded up with all sorts of other stuff.

It says to add 1 tablespoon to each quart. Well I am not using the metric system so we put in 1.5 tblspns and it was not enough. I added more to be about 2 tblspns. Wife tasted it and said it was missing something. So we added some garlic powder.

The flavor was really good because it had more spices than what we normally use. Just a good balance of everything. Pretty impressed. We will add more of the spices though.

So here is the kicker. I saw that Theresa did not eat most of the beans in her bowl. All that was left was a pile of beans when she was done. I asked her why and she said she does not really like them, but if one makes it in her she does not mind. She thought I liked them. So when I said I would prefer they not be in there we easily have become a no bean in our chili household.

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