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a bunnycrow

Put up a barrier around the blueberry and strawberry crop. I did not get a single strawberry and only a few blueberries last year. Theresa thinks the dead bunny is a bit too much. Pfffft….. The aerogarden strawberries have gone through a bit of shock it seems. They are still alive, but not as vibrant […]

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Patio Ponics hydroponic store

Patio Ponics is a hydroponic gardening supply store. They have everything you need to grow plants indoors without the hassle of soil. I had read about a master kit for the Aerogarden and saw we have a new hydroponic store here in Lincoln at 3255 Cornhusker Hwy in the new shopping area they built. Before […]

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sooooooo ready for some cabinets

We have a really good selection of tupperware now thanks to Katy the tupperware rep. Katy and my parents went in on a large set of freezer containers for Theresa. We have decided to use our lazy susan for tupperware storage. Right now our microwave holds our glasses. The NE company building the cabinets is […]

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