Q.P. Hardware store

Have you ever wanted to fix something, but were not sure how to do it? Ever been looking for some part you can’t find anywhere else? Your questions and searches are over. I still go there when I cant find that one thing to see “him”. By him I mean a spirit, a magical man that sits in a powerful chair made of old wood that is held together with braces, screws, nails, and epoxies. And “He” is there to answer your questions.
The employees are very knowable and the store is packed with stuff for being rather small. Take menards and loose all the stupid crap and jam it in a downtown bar and that is the size, and yet it has more things. It truly is a small town hardware store in a medium city. The TV is always on you will find what you need.

Located in UNI place at one block north of 48th and Holdredge

QP Hardware lincoln ne

Staufers Cafe and pie shoppe

My lifepartners favorite place to eat. This is your normal cafe with home made food. I love the bacon cheese burger and chicken fried steak. My wire could eat the hot roast beef sandwidch every day. The gravy almost pours off the plate.
They are famous for their pie’s all hand made they have around 30 varieties. Good eats.

Located at 5602 south 48th street just past highway 2

stauffers cafe lincoln ne

Ramo’s pizza / Busters barbeque

Ramo’s pizza has been around for a while here in lincoln. Always a place to call when everybody else is closed. They have moved to a new location on 48th and VanDorn that used to be a busters barbeque place. They remodeled and kept the barbque stuff whilke introducing a bar type atmosphere. It has a fireplace and a bunch of TV’s. Try thr brisket it rocks.

busters bbq ramos pizza lincoln ne

the N zone

Known for their wings this place is a friendly place to chill. located in a lower level it is cozy and gets bumping with the college crowd

Located on Q street on the north side between 7th & 8th street in the haymarket

The N Zone lincoln ne

the n zone lincoln ne


A downtown legend. This is a grreat gathering place. Good beer, pinball, popcorn, and friendly bartenders. They are always a last stop for your drinking needs, for they are a last call bar. They have the latest last call and off sale sales.

Located between 13th and 14th street on the south side of O street

Orourkes bar lincoln ne

Fringe and Tassel costume shop

Need a disguise? Want to make something special with a costume? Need to look like an orca? This is the place to go. Fun is all I can say, they have anything and everything. I used them to become a dalmation complete with big head to propose to my wife, I forced her to dress up like a princess (and for some reason she accepted).

Located underneath the viaduct at 8th and O street

Fringe and tassel costume shop lincoln Ne

Fringe and tassel costume shop lincoln ne


Started out as a smoke/head shop, they have become a mainstay of downtown lincoln in just a few short years. Now a smoke/liquor/beer store they supply you with you necessities. They have a great selection of beverages and smokes/accessories. A walkin humidor greets you through the window, packed full of good cigars.

Located on 14th street between P & O street

Jakes smoke shop Lincoln Ne

Jake's Smole Shop Lincoln Ne

Ziggs Muffler and Exhaust

Zig is the man. I have been going to him for every car I have had. This is a no BS place. You dont get the lifetime crap you pay more for and never use, nor do you get the let me vaccum and clean your windows for $30 extra BS. Just good and quality exhaust work for a good price. I once went in there and he set me up for an appointment the next day. He was ordering the parts and bitch smacked the company. “I know you can give it to me for better than that” he said and continued to haggle untill I got a good price on my work. I have never had a single issue with any of his work. The vehicle will die before the muffler does.

Located just south of 27th and cornhusker 464-3505

Zigg's muffler and exhaust