Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra nevada can do nothing wrong. This was my first real beer. We met in the Las Vegas desert in a dead lot, for only 2 dollars she satisfied and intrigued me. We have spent many special nights together. She is the reason I love beer, and started making my own. This is a hoppy ale with a beautiful rounded malt flavor. Cascade hops are the only hop used and it is truly the most popular American hop. It shines through very well in this pale ale. The strain of yeast is the most popular in America. Many small and large breweries use it, it is a favorite of homebrewers, and is called American ale yeast. Good old 1056 has its place in history. I love you SNPA

I give it 9.5 burps.

Liberty ale by anchor brewing

Damn this is one of my favorites. It is done in the style of an IPA. Hopped to the brim with what I think is cascade hops. This is one of those beers you savor, not chug. Creamy sweet foam will linger for the entire ride to the bottom of the glass. You must give this one a try if you love beer. They do not advertize it much, b ut a lot o it gets drank because of the quality.

I give it 9.5 burps

Old Style

Momma always said “if your gonna drink crap, scrape the barrel.” No just kidding, for crappy beer this one is really good. Face it when you drink any american light lager they are gonna taste almost the same. This one has a little flavor, and you will like your self in the morning. It has an almost cult following from the ecentric croud of Lincoln. Duffy’s and Orourkes pay their bills with money made off Old Style. DRINK IT!

I give it 5 burps, hey it is really good crappy beer, not good beer.

Old Milwaukee Ice

See that it comes in 40’s that means it is crap. But on the same level as all of the other American light lagers. Yup it is bud with a different label. Can you really tell me bud light is better because it has more advertising? They are chick beers. Think I am kidding? After prohibition the large brewers wanted to make a cheap beer that even women would drink. That is right it is a girly beer just like all of it’s style. So next time you see a burly hunk of a man drinking one tell him he drinks girly beer. This is cheap and gets it done.

Mickey’s malt liquor

Ok I have drank many different kinds of high gravity ales. They all get the job done but lack any kind of “good flavor” in fact usually the alcohol level and ingredients used to hit that high level make for some off flavor. Of all the ones I tried this one is the one that is alright. I could drink these without a cringe. Way to go for making a good high gravitr beer.

I give it 4.5 burps, and pour some out for my homies.

Topper Popper

What can I say I grew up in the neighborhood and treated my self often. Yeah it is just your usual ice cream and popcorn stop, but it is soooooooo good.
Their popcorn is the best in town. It has a great flavor and does not seem so processed like others. Their cheese corn is the best I have ever tasted EVER. I am not sure where they get the cheese from, but they are using some top secret stuff. And the cheese is a thick coating of goodness. You can find their popcorn in some of the local stores around lincoln. But if you want good just popped popcorn go and check them out.

It is located just south of 66th and cotner in the bethany area.

topper popper lincoln ne popcorn

Tastee Inn lincoln Ne

Talk about an origional small town good food type of place. It has been there ever since I can remember. The origional owner invented the drive through window, untill he lost or never patented it. It still looks like the same one that it started with. The strange thing is that you order from the driver side and pick it up on the passanger side. Their claim to fame is the tastee sandwich, kind of a loose meat not quite sloppy joe kind of thing. And let us not forget the onion chips and malts. There are a bunch of quirky things that make it origional. Your order is written on a slip of paper and put into a carrier and sent through an air tube to the back. When your order is made it is sent along a conveyor belt to the cashier. They have an olde timey juka and always a retro pinball machine. Ooooh I spent so many quarters there.

Located just north of 48th and Holdredge.

Tastee inn lincoln ne loose meat sandwich

Randy’s Grill and Chill

In a location that has a few really great bars this place is definately a gathering place. The food is your typical bar food with specials on the weekends that are a good deal. I like the bacon cheese burger here, it is loaded with bacon. Not just the two strips you find at some places, not that crappy precooked packaged stuff. Just a good layer of pork belly. They have a seperate area for pool and darts. Go there and chill.

Located just east of 48th and Holdredge

their site

randys grill and chill lincoln ne