PO pears

One unique place with great bar food. I guess these were a chain at one time. The place is decorated with tons of old movie props and decorations. There is stuff everywhere. There is this perpetiual motion machine in the back room made of lots of moving parts. They have burger madness a couple times a week, as well as other deals all of the time. The only bar downtown with a sand volleyball court. They have tournaments during warm times. Bands play here all the time and they are advertised with collored paper on their wooden fence, it is impossible to miss. You order your food from a huge pair of lips. The place is just a lot of fun, they call out strange stuff over the microphone. I usually give some goofy name just to make it fun.

Located at 9th and N street.

PO Pears Lincoln Ne

El Charro

El Charro Lincoln Ne

located a block south of 9th and O street

Mexican food places can be found all over Lincoln. They range from drive thru’s to sit down restaurants. Differences are also found in the styles offered from place to place. I have done a couple of months testing different Mexican eateries, and I always keep coming back to El Charro. Many popular places have Americanized their meals for the bland American palate, not El Charro. I will fill you in on what makes this place worth visiting again and again, including: the food, atmosphere, drinks, and service.

Bodega’s alley

This bar suits all types of people. Kind of a hippie hangout on wednesday nights, a college hangout on the weekends, and a killer happy hour. My friends call it the office. They have a beer garden in the back that is really big and lit up nicely. It is perfect for smokers to hang out. They have foos, darts, pool, and a pinball machine.

Bodega's Lincoln Ne

Duffy’s Tavern

Duffy’s Tavern

Duffy’s holds the oldest liqur liscence downtown and the old timey feeling is there. They have cool stools mounted to the floor, pool, pinball, darts, lots of brews on tap, and great live entertainment. It is a place where the crowd is very mixed, lots of regulars create a good vibe. Their speciality is fishbowls. They are huge mixed drinks with long straws, you need somebody’s help to finish one.

Their site

Jacks bar and grill

Taco sunday is a ritual. On sundays they offer cheap tacos and pitchers. Mondays are dollar burgers and good times. A friendly place with all the stuff you would want in a bar and grill.

Located under the viaduct on 8th and O street

Jacks Lincoln Ne

Manhattan Deli

The best pastrami sandwich in town bar none. This place has amazing witches, corned beef, pastrami, and many others. Great sides, fresh in house baked bread, deserts, soups, and the sandwiches can be hot or cold.
The main thing that sets this place apart is the quality of the meat. It is all shipped in, no pegler crap that every place uses. The pastrami is to die for, as well as the other meat. They plan on selling the meat in bulk soon, and I will be their main customer.

Located on Q street on the north side between 7th & 8th street in the haymarket

Manhatten Deli Lincoln NE

Manhatten Deli Lincoln Ne

Oso Burrito

Oso Burrito

This is my most visited food place in lincoln. I have had many lunches here. The food is top quality, and healthy.
Burrito’s are the speciality. They offer many different meat and vegi options from which you build a massive burrito. It is kind of a make your own kind of place, where you choose what you want on it.
They also offer salads, nachos, rice bowls, fish tacos, and other assorted goodies. I love the fact that the food is fresh, healthy, tasty, and fast.
beats a bacon cheeseburger and fries any day.
The place is decorated with local artists work. The layout and design is amazing. Paintings cover the walls, and art is all around. The place is very clean as well, you do not worry about your food coming from a dirty kitchen.

Located on the southwest corner of centenial mall and O street (15th & O)

oso burrito lincoln ne

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