Nature Valley sweet and salty nut granola bars

These things are fricking good. I am not a morning person, I can hardly get to work on time. I for sure do not have time to make breakfast. So when I get to work I have one of these. There is like a yougurt coating on the bottom. They are packed with gooey granola, almonds, and are salty/sweet.

I also bring them with me on bike rides.


Dwight Yokkam to sue the BK big fucking chicken

better than a Montana morning in south Dakota with a tick on a coon dog, yeeeeeeeeeeee ha

Dwight is really pissed off at that motorcycle riding fucking chicken. you see Dwight has been making chicken fries ever since he was tit high to a knee mouse in the great rolling Oaklahoma hills of southern Mississippi.

Apparently Dwight wants to go “nugent” on that ass.

My ode to a special chicken fry eating lady