Crest whitening expressions toothpaste

OK you might be thinking what the hell am I doing reviewing toothpaste, but this is very exciting to me. I have a hard time brushing my teeth in the mornings. Not that I don’t want too, it is that I get really gaggy with normal toothpastes. I am not a big fan of mint flavored toothpastes. These are a breath of fresh air (he he) they have very palatable tastes and seem not to be toothpasty, know what I mean? I have tried all except the herbal mint, and find them to be awesome. Currently I am using the vanilla, and Theresa uses the cinnamon. They do the basic job of cleaning, without leaving that slimy feeling. I would recommend you give them a shot.

Hazed and infused

This is one hoppy brew. I picked it up at N street and cracked a warm one. I know it sounds gross, but it is the best way to truly “taste” a beer. When warm all of the flavor compounds are free to express themselves. And I was thirsty. This beer is packed with hops. They don’t list the ibu’s but it is smooth and dry hopped to the max. It is a refreshingly smooth brew with little malt flavor, because there are so many hops. They dry hop with a ton of hops, and with many varieties in the mix, it makes for a very citrusy, sweet, and rounded flavor. This is definitely for the hop heads. It might get confused with an IPA yet it is just a strongly hopped ale. Did I mention that it is hoppy?

I give it 8.5 burps