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Jimmy Johns

their site

corner of 14th and O street. Darn fast sub sammies. i get the slims, meat and cheese. i do not like all the crap people put on their sandwiches. The slim is exactly what i want at a good price. you can get their normal sammies though, and they are packed with all the fixins. Really though it is fast. jimmy chips rule. Their commercials are awesome, the place is kind of silly. They have all these funny signs, and stuff. No fricking applebees bullsit though.

Jimmy Johns lincoln ne

Pita Pit

pita pit site

Pretty simple idea. Take a bunch of different meats, veggies, hummus, cheese, etc… and put it in a pita. They are pretty streamlined, order, watch them cook it really quick, choose what you want in it, grab some chiops and a drink and eat. i get one that is like a club. Pretty good, and the paint job is really fun.

On O street between 13th and 14th.

pita pit lincoln ne

WC’s pub

been there as long as I can remember. They have a large area and it is up on the second floor of the building. Lots of pool tables and dart boards. They rule the darts and pool biz downtown. Penny pitchers, vid games, and decent folk. It can get a little sparse in there sometimes, but bumps late at night.

between 12th and 13th on P street

wc's lincoln ne

Bison witches

kind of one of them hybred places. No they do not serve any bison. Say the name fast and lwhat does it sound like?

yup buy sandwiches. And they sell them, cool. Soup in bread bowls, chips, and a good assortment of beer. Their sandwiches are bretty unique. There are a bunch of them, you choose if you want it grilled, etc… Neat topping like avacado, sprouts, slices of cream cheese, and my absolute favorite = bacon.

check them out

bison witches


Pretty yummy sandwiches. The secret is the bread, it is made there and really good. I usually get the cheesteak, chips, and a drink. They have cheese stix like papa john’s and other pizza places. It is just darn good.

on 14th between O & P, and edgewood shopping area by libations.


George’s Gourmet Grill

MMMMMMMmmmmm…… mystery meat.

naw really it is seasoned lamb on a pita with a cucumber yougurt sauce, aka a gyro.

I remember george from back in the food court of East Park Plaza. And it is not just gyro’s, there is a bunch of grill type food. i love the little mozz stix and baklava. Nothing is better than a night out on the town at the downtown bars and a gyro to send you stumblin on your way home.

corner of 14th & O street.