spooky late night ride

so i headed out to the park after dinner last night. Did not prdal once all weekend cuz of the heat, just got a tune up of sorts on the good bike, needed some dirt.

Well the park is filled with a bunch of wild life. I mad it to the bridge, chilled for a bit. And I started hearing some clicking noises. Freaked me for a bit, but figured it was frogs. Enjoyed my beverage in the pitch black, let my eyes adjust to the darkness and enjoyed the lightning bugs. Talked my self into keeping on. Saw so many eyes staring back at me, then scurring away. just possums, oh and a deer. The bats, ugh…. Had 4 swoop in front of my light, two of them ran into me. They are much softer than you would think 😉 Hit a spider web and had had enough. Turned my ass around and booked back.

I kept on seeing sparkly things on the trail. Kind of a blue green glitter. I saw a really big one and stopped to check it out. It was a huge furry spider. They were all over. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Oh and a flat tire which I knew would happen eventually. I have a 1 inch gash in my rear tire that I got recently from Tread Hunter. I had patched it with a huge automotive patch before. Well, it gave way. Did not have any dollars on me (strong cloth makes a good tire patch), so I used my laminated insurance card to get the rest of the way home. Still fun though.

fixing my tire on a gravel road in the dark

grill roasted chicken


Well not all that hard, but darn good cheap eats.

I use a roasting pan which I cover the bottom with foil to avoid too much bottom heat. Turn the grill up high, which mine burns more on one side, so it would be medium on most peeps good grills. Cover it with a spice rub and bunches of home grown herbs. I collect all the drippings, strain, mix with milk, flour, and spices to make gravy. We pit it over rice, but sometimes use corn.

The leftovers are great. Chicken tacos, sammies, or soup. It is amazing how much you get out of a $5 chicken. Even made stock after the last one.

Monkey Wrench Cycles


not much more than a year into my severe bike riding addiction, and these guys have never done me wrong.
Owner Nate and friend Eric do amazing work and are supported by many peeps who need bikes, wrenching, or a friendly smile. The shop is a little on the smaller end, but it is packed with stuff. There is even a bike museum on the walls and above the workbench.

A nice selection of bikes are there in the shop, Bianchi, Kona, Torelli, surly, and others. But the bikes they offer does not end there. They are your one stop shop for specilty bike orders. i am currently having them build up my dream bike, a moots 29 inch mountian bike. You want something, tell them and they will have it to you soon, be it special parts, accesories, or a custom built bike from a company that you will not find juist sitting on a rack in a store around these parts.

Oh and they are ambassadors to the community. Tuesday night monkey wrench rides head out around 6:30 to a destination within and beyond lincol. Sure if it is dry we will hit wilderness park, but I have seen many other roads, trails, alleys, and towns on a few of them.

swing down and check them out.
on P street between 12th and 13th.

monkey wrench cycles lincoln ne