Made a really stupid mistake today, doh.

Working on cleaning up Active Directory here at work. Decided to see what happens when I delete my non virtual XP machine from AD. Oh it gets kicked out of the domain. So I will just log in with the local admin account……. Hey what is the local admin account that I set up a week after I started here and have never needed since? I don’t know either. Drats.

Well not all hope is lost. My Documents are stored on the server, I get to install windows again :(, and now I can set it up to dual boot 🙂

Colbert is a God.

I think the title of this post splains my stance on this amazing example of what every American should strive to be. He loves our country so much that he blesses us with his presence on the tube. he delivers the truth on a daily basis (three weeks a month, 4 days a week) That is how much he loves this great country.

Iffin I ever met this god I would have a 4 hour erection.

40 year old virgin on HBO WTF?

awesome movie, funny as hell, possibly the best of all last year in the comedy catagpry.

Sure it is raunchy, and a little over the top.
We saw it in the theatre. being commie, socialist, Godless, anti semetic, pinko, dirty, druggie, sexual deviant, molesting, peterast, homosexual, anti-American, troop hating, flag burning, liberals, it was a no-brainer to see this movie. he he

Well the theatre and DVD release are complete. The version shown on HBO is severely cut. The funny thing is that they only cut parts to save time. All the really raunchy stuff is still there. A bunch of what makes the story more realistic has been cut. As well as many of the funny scenes.

Do yourself a favor. Do not watch the HBO one if it is the first time you see it. rent it.