any one for taco’s?

that be one taco’ed wheel 😉
Headed down to Chris’s house for a ride through wagontrain. They have some interesting trails there. not too fast or straight, lots of sharp turns. has some nice rollercoaster type dips and some hills. I though it went all the way around, but it seems to mostly on the east side. You can do loops within the different trails.

So Chris likes to get air being a crazy motocross guy. He got some nice air off a lip ontop of a decent hill. The front wheel could not take the hit, doh…. Lucky for him it happened really close to the car and he rolled out with a few scrapes. more pic’s here

screw you Bacardi, and your mojito’s

Yeah you have hot chicks dancing in short clothing, and it is prob a good drink, but bartenders around the world hate you now. I think I will join the club.

Let me splain the evils of bar fruit. First as a consumer you are literally taking your lives into your own hands. Bar fruit goes bad fast, it gets a slime on it, dirty fingers have been picking crap out of it for as long as it has been sitting in that never washed only refilled tray. Ask the bartender about it, you will get a smile. Cutting 20 lemons, and 20 limes each night is not fun, putting your hand in the cherry/olive jar sucks.

Now Bacardi and their commercials will make some bars stock fresh mint. Are you fricking kidding me? Oh and let us not forget you have to muddle the mint and sugar, oh hell no. Sugar is really messy, and bartenders hands are always wet, sugar sucks.

Screw you bacardi…. awwwww I cant stay mad at you, come here and give me some loving 😉