40 year old virgin on HBO WTF?

awesome movie, funny as hell, possibly the best of all last year in the comedy catagpry.

Sure it is raunchy, and a little over the top.
We saw it in the theatre. being commie, socialist, Godless, anti semetic, pinko, dirty, druggie, sexual deviant, molesting, peterast, homosexual, anti-American, troop hating, flag burning, liberals, it was a no-brainer to see this movie. he he

Well the theatre and DVD release are complete. The version shown on HBO is severely cut. The funny thing is that they only cut parts to save time. All the really raunchy stuff is still there. A bunch of what makes the story more realistic has been cut. As well as many of the funny scenes.

Do yourself a favor. Do not watch the HBO one if it is the first time you see it. rent it.

How to replace a flat tube on your bike. Simple 47 steps ;)

Procedure for Replacing a Tire

1. Move bicycle from storage area to work area.
2. Retrieve toolkit from separate storage area.
3. Retrieve floor pump from third storage area.
4. Give creative explanation to spouse why this must happen in the den, next to the good couch, and not in the garage, where greasy things belong.
5. Consider moving all bike-related stuff to a single location.
6. Realize the work-to-laziness ratio of step four and decide to take care of that “later.”
7. Remember the chain mark left on the carpet last time you removed the rear wheel and rested the bike on the dropouts.

Lipton cold brew tea

oh man this is good. I messed with the sun tea for a bit at work. got messy, took forever. These cold brew tea bags rule. I use two bags for 16 oz of water and it takes about 5 minutes. Much better than a dew any day 😉

letter to editor: single parent’s are good too

LJS article

Respect single parents

In response to the overwhelming media assumption that children of single “mothers” produce inferior children, and single “fathers” are somehow heroes, and gay parents can’t do a good job, I would just like to say “eat it.”

If your spouse leaves the relationship, and there is no-fault divorce — anyone can become a non-consenting single parent. The hardest part is putting up with people like Julie Benesch, whose recent letter titled “Think of the children” presumes a great deal.

I am sick of it. I have been a single parent of four children for 11 years.

Bike lane article in LJS

article in LJS

Jaimi Schmidt loves to ride her bicycle downtown for coffee or to meet friends. But blocks before the 22-year-old gets there, she gets off and walks. “It’s scary being a biker downtown,” she said.

Drivers look right through her, she said while walking her bike along 13th Street Wednesday afternoon. “You about have to expect them to be bad drivers.”

If things go as planned, downtown bike lanes could allow riders like Schmidt to pedal with more confidence by the end of August.

“I definitely would love that,” Schmidt said.

Taking the pressure of cyclists is the idea behind bike lanes proposed on 11th Street south from Q to K and 14th Street north from L to R, said David Cary, a transportation planner for the City of Lincoln.

The more cyclists feel comfortable, he said, the more they’ll come downtown. It could mean more shoppers for downtown merchants, safer streets for bike riders and safer sidewalks for pedestrians.