furries VS Klingon pics



Barbie loves pinkle


search the pink way

how would you guys feel if I went with a pink theme around these parts?



The Legend of Zelda Theme on theremin

Been rocking out on Metroid. What a kick butt game it is.
A vid of the game play

vid of an uber boss in metroid



a little Loup River action

Gosh darn Gene / Sarah I just can’t get enough of LRB&SC
Been doing a bunch of after hours work and need some tunes to keep going.
Been listening to Golden Testament a bunch and just wanted to share with the others.

Thanks for the tunes and when is the next show? I promise to behave.



what a weekend

gmatt’s puppy

Missed a ride Friday night, even though if I had been prepared I could of made it. Did not know I would be off so early Friday. But the weekend was filled with lots of comp time work. Did a bunch and well things are getting back to normalcy at work because of the efforts of many. Not too bummed I worked all weekend since I just had 10 days off.

Missing my bike, but I see some free time in the future and will be hitting some dirt soon. Made the peppercorn steaks once again sat night, and enjoyed a delicious salad sun. Thing is I drink and eat pretty good. I have not been as active as I once was. busy at work, and being lazy. It has to stop. Me need miles under my tires, I need to eat better and chill on the sauce.

That be a pretty decent salad. Blackened chicken, croûtons, spring mix and iceberg, and a delicious light red pepper dressing. It was awesome. And Baco’s not bacon. It has been a while since Baco’s have been alowed in my house. I have been pretty addicted to them in the past. Chugging bacos in a pantry makes a man feel weak. I will use restraint.




Unicorn vs. Narwhal

A story of love, war, and triumph over adversity. Or is it? This is J.E. Bauder’s CalArts junior film for the year 2006.



Saint Anthony, Patron Saint of Bacon



Awesome Commercials

I love it when local businesses make there own commercials. Around here, we all recognize Weird Wally’s commercials (hard to miss that early 1980’s video quality), Mrs. B (may she rest in peace) and that old guy in the Food 4 Less commercials. I think his name was Harold. I remember him dressing up as Elvis and a basketball player once. Anyways, here’s some local commercials from around the country.


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