People commuting to Steve’s workplace



job opening at my work, you a computer nerd?

FC AND ISCI switches for the B$tches

Here at the state IT dept we have a 1 year contract open to assist with the desktop server support team.

Should have a puter type degree and like not wearing jeans.

Just thought I would let yall know.



Bread and cup in the GZ


In keeping with its “simple” plan, the menu features five sandwiches (beef, pork, chicken, tuna salad and a vegetarian with hummus and squash), two soups, three desserts, five breads and four spreads.

Seasonal specials include such things as an heirloom tomato plate and gazpacho.

The breads are made with SlowDough, meaning the wild yeast culture is fermented slowly to give the bread complexity with the strong sour taste.

“People tell us it doesn’t taste like sourdough,” Shinn said. “They’re right. This is our style, our preference.”

their site






Neato Neighborhood with strange buildings

I call it the hispanic flats, but most would know the neighborhood as the south bottoms. I live a street away from the area that the planning commission unanimously voted to call blighted

Come sip a brew with me and look over the vast acres of blight iffin you want.
hat tip to Mr. Wilson

I used to be afraid to deliver pizza’s here, but after 8 years I have grown to love it. Cooper park, the salt levee trail, salt creek, Germans from Russia museum, and soon the Jamaica North trail. I am 1 block away from the industrial area, under Capitol Parkway and between two railroad tracks. But the neighborhood is filled with cool places.





Tis a sad sad day indeed. My camera has died. A week or so ago the LCD display stopped working. No big, I could work around that. Most of the time I just save everything onto a memory card and upload it to the computer. The other day when an attempt was made to turn it on, the lil green light just kept flashing. Since the LCD screen is broken we couldn’t check for an error message. My husband who does not have a degree in cameradoctology proceeded to take it apart. Now the light turns on and stays steady but the lense cover doesn’t open or anything. No whirr, no nothing.

And maybe just MAYBE the rattling on the trails led to it’s demise. I will not take full responsibility for it but it’s looking like I get to anyway. Have had the camera for at least 6 years I think so now it’s time for an upgrade.

But not one that will be riding on the bike anytime soon. For that I am watching ebay for a repeat of the one that I had and no more offroading with it.

Honest. :)



some funneh pics



Lincoln Zombie walk sept 8th



ONE: Meet at Dark Visions Haunted House, (126 N 16th)on September 8th, time TBA (around 5 to 7pm,) in your own zombie getup.

TWO: Meet at that same spot and time in clothes you don’t care to have a teensy bit destroyed, and we’ll zombify you as best we can (if any makeup/effects gurus are in attendance, we will certainly look to them for help).

THREE: Position yourself somewhere along the route and make sure you’ve got a piece of duct tape prominently displayed on your shirt so that we’ll know you want to be eaten. (see below) If there is any doubt about who wants to be devoured, we will not devour them. Only people who obviously are into it will get attacked. So come find us. Don’t make us do all the work.

Head to the site for more details

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