I have stopped being surprised by the right

A)I don’t want a man that’s going to use the Koran to be sworn in as President instead of the Bible.”

Q) Where did you get this information that Barack Obama wanted to be sworn in on the Koran?

A) From one of our Church members that’s keeping up with what his comments are and you know he wouldn’t even do the Pledge of Allegiance. He refused.

then you have this amazing letter to the editor.

Candidate not a true patriot

I would like to know how anyone could possibly cast a vote in favor of someone who is running for the office of the president of the United States, aka the commander in chief of the Armed Forces, who, on national television, refused to place his right hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem.

He also does not wear a flag pin, as do the other candidates.

Any true American patriot would not vote for him.

Roger Kopf, Nebraska City

Gotta give major props to folks who replied on the LJS website.

Cultive Coffee


Cultiva coffee is doing pretty well at 1501 south street. I have known Jon for a while and think what they are doing is awesome. Fair trade coffee roasted fresh daily. I am not much of a burnt bean water drinker, but I stopped by to pick up a pound of beans for Theresa. The beans I picked up had just been roasted an hour before. Now that is fresh.



Le Quartier has a south location now


A second location for Le Quatier has opened up at 2801 Pine Lake. The strip mall behind Red Robin at 27th and Pine Lake.
The pictures today were taken at their 70th and O store today. I forgot the SD card when I hit the south location. I wanted some white pizza crusts. Today was their opening day and they were pretty low on stuff late in the evening. Apparently they had a good day.


made me some of that no knead bread


I had heard about this bread from the food blogs and had to try it. We found an enameled cast iron dutch oven on clearance from shopko for $38 and I knew the first thing I would make with it. This bread. It did not fill the house with the awesome smell, it took two days, and it is awesome. The inside is so moist and chewey. The outside is hard and crunchy. I will make this again and again.