been watching some WKRP

We netflixed the first season and have been watching it. Good times. They used really big black CD’s back then.
I know it has been a while and things change, but was Loni Anderson really as hot as the show makes her out to be?

The dutch oven chronicles part II = fail


We are sad panda’s, but that is what this week of trying the dutch oven out is all about. We browned the beef a bit last night, Theresa figured adding some flour early on would thicken the sauce / gravy. Added some broth and in the oven at 250 degrees it went. 5 hours later and well we did not have enough liquid. The meat I could find was tender and awesome actually, but some was jerky dry and lots of scorchedness.

Oh well the next time we try we will know. Oh which reminds me, tomorrow is a beef roast and we now know we need to add a good amount of liquid 😉

I think pizza is in order for this eve.

EDIT: screw it. Aint a little setback gonna keep us from eating stew. We just gonna pressure cook it. I headed and picked up another cheap steak to cut up.

article on Lincoln’s bike lanes from UNL engineering


“The big thing for bicyclists is to recognize that they are a vehicle on the street. They need to follow the same rules and regulations as if they were in a car – stopping at traffic signals, following all the rules. Constantly watching for the car no matter whether the car is in the wrong or the right. The car is much bigger, and if somebody is (going to get in a collision), we know who’s going to be the loser in that.”