Shaking that behind

Stacey a commentor around here has some vids up on youtube.
This one made me giggle.
She got some vids of her local trails as well.



Jamaica North the fast way

This would be about 1/2 mile south of 14th street to almost Old Cheney.

Just testing out speeding up video. 4X darn that is one very straight trail. Used to be rail line.



Kwik-E-Mart in the wild.

Might have heard that a few Kwik-E-Marts have been transformed for the Simpsons movie.

Tons of pics in a flickr album.




the missing piece

dog being eaten by croc costume

cute doggie costume

Well a bit over 40 miles. I like to round up. Sat and Sun morning hit the park with the Minks boys. Ran into others out enjoying the park. Good times.




saw this downtown Friday night. Virginia plates

wilderness park lincoln ne biker side gmap

Wilderness park biker side trail map.

google earth link

I can follow most of the trail in my head, imagining every twisty turn. But looking at it from above in gmaps was a bit tricky. Zoom in, oh that looks like the trail, zoom out to get a better perspective. I follow the trail pretty good from pioneers to 14th street. Then it seems gmaps gets a bit behind the times. You cannot see any of the trail past 14th street and I cannot seem to find the EP bridge. I put in pictures where I could. Going to work on it a bunch more, but this is a start.

It is public so feel free to edit it all you want.

a little info about wilderness below.


The Paul Fell dismissal at the Journal Star is causing some public discussion. In today’s paper there is what may be the best letter to the editor I’ve ever read. Hilarious! Look for the Roger Welsch letter.

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