Unknown Legend in the LJS


Somewhere on a desert highway

She rides a Harley-Davidson…

A dozen guys built her, hammering her steel, raising her 12 feet into the air.

Her long blond hair

Flyin’ in the wind

She’s been runnin’ half her life

The chrome and steel she rides

Collidin’ with

The very air she breathes

The air she breathes.

Spinning windmills slightly larger than motorcycle wheels stir the air around,“Unknown Legend,” a sculpture inspired by a Neil Young song of the same name, quoted above.



Green is good, red is bad


If only the trails were REALLY color coded. At this part on a trail in Landahl Park in Blue Springs, MO I usually stop, walk my bike down the red line and then continue on. Sometimes I slow waaaaaay down and just coast through the crack, with my feet on the sides to guide me. I don’t think I have ever had the courage to ride the green line down. But today my brain just wasn’t clicking and as I stopped to walk through the red line .. Well, my bike and I had a little tussle, I fell onto the top tube (thank goodness i had the padded shorts on!), the seat went into my lower back and the front chain holder oners (sprocket?) kissed my right calf.


That’s how it looked an hour later when I got to the parking lot. Darn right I kept going! Rain was on the way and I only get the chance to ride on the weekends unless I get up early and ride before work. The bruising is a bit worse on the top portion and a little swollen. The horizontal line must have been dirt cuz it is gone. A few little scratches along the bottom portion.

Not as bad as the girl who ran into the other person and got the banged up face but I think this might be my nastiest mtb injury to date.



Yo Frankie here is some current pics of my 65 pound bitch


She is 1 + years old and still very puppy-ish. Largest dog I have ever had. She can stretch a good 5 feet high to get stuff. Counters, sink, and the pinball machines are hardly safe. You can pert near slow dnce with her on your shoulders.

She looks kinda mean being all rotweiller looking, but she is a uber sweetheart. We had some issues and got her some severe training. It was mostly her being so young and big that caused all the problems. She is an angel now. Not the most cuddly dog yet, but we are working on it.



My fav meal baked mac and cheese

Yeah yeah I have posted about it multiple times. But this one has pics of all the steps.

As usual I got the recipe and idea from Alton Brown on Good eats. Although we modify it a bunch to suit our taste.



cheese straws

cheese straw

So watching the food porn network and they did an unwrapped which featured a company that made cheese straws. And they looked divine. BTW I love unwrapped even though Marc Summers hosts it. I love to see how stuff is made. So a cheese straw is pretty much a cheeze-it on steroids. I followed Paula Dean’s recipe.



thanks to all you postin fooooos

If this is at the top of the page, which it will not be for long. The majority of posts on this page are from you kind folks who post on this site and not me.

I really enjoy that yall are spreading your stuff on here.
I heard from two folk last night “I just lurk, but enjoy your site” I am amazed by how many pageloads I get on an average day, it hovers around 1,000. And the majority are return visitors.

It is strange that I check my site to see what is new. ( I get no notification from others posts, or comments on said posts)

And the reason is all thanks to you guys.





After a full day of cooking and eating well T wanted to take me to a movie. Her parents saw Stardust and said it was awesome. “if you liked the princess bride, you will enjoy it” Her dad said.

I gotta say the previews and lack of hype made me go in not expecting much. It was really really good. We will definitely rent it once it comes out cuz I enjoyed it that much, and I hardly ever want to see movies again.

Action, love, good vs evil, fantasy, and very well done humor. Extra bonus points for not making me cry ;)
The princess bride is one of my all time favorites, and I can see why Tom said that. The joy you feel when watching either makes a good movie. If not in the theaters you watch, rent it.

Oh and for being really old Michelle Pheiffer was looking pretty good for a bit there.



Who dosen’t like a belly dancer.

So as if i needed any more food the family made reservation’s at Tasso. This place is cool they have live music belly dancers and plenty of ouzo! 

This restaurant is all Greek food and for a 3 dollar donation you can break a plate for good luck and the donation goes to a local greek charity.

  The old guy in this picture was playing the blues on a conk shell.

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