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Last night on PBS News Hour with Jim Leher, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters explained the Bush Administration’s policy of no new taxes to fund repairs for the transportation infrastructure. Peters told News Hour that up to 20 percent of the federal gasoline tax is earmarked for non-transportation projects, specifically mentioning bicycling facilities as an example of inappropriate, non-transportation use of the federal gasoline tax.

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So we both got paid on the same day and needed to get some supplies. Figured it would be cool to go to the new super uper duper Target. The place is massive, ginormous, and kinda sickening. We got a really good parking spot and I noticed that our pretty decent 95 Honda was the oldest car in the parking lot. Till T pointed out an old station wagon way down at the end. Sorry employee cars do not count.

Once inside you feel like you are entering a small country. We wandered around and got our normal stuff before heading to the food area. Nothing too special. In fact the selection was not impressive. That would be a common theme for our shopping adventure. Since Fuggles likes to eat the liner out of my shoes I wanted to pick up some cheapo inserts. They only had odor eater and the “are you gellin” stuff. On to the food area.



we all know she has nuts between her legs anyway



Tomorrow at the Zoo Bar

August 18th at the Zoo Bar will be a cool show.

Monday, long story short I drove home after work from a really long day. I owe my punishment. See ya at the usual place Friday night to benefit from my shame..

I failed at the CCC

Pic shameful enough?



We grow em big down here…


THIS is a slug. I call this type the “pickle slug” cuz it kind of looks like a pickle. When I first moved into the house a few years ago we had the smaller ones all over the front steps at night. Now I rarely look out there for fear of stepping on one. But this the kind I see more often now. On the left of the slug is actually some grass, that is not part of the slug. I have another close up picture but the slug kind of radiated a shine with the flash so it is even more scary.

 (Hopefully the picture is an okay size. My first time posting…)



Band of Horses – The Funeral

Been listening to these guys a ton lately. Enjoy.



Don’t believe the hype

The 6 Most Over-Hyped Threats to America (And What Should Scare You Instead)

This is one darn good read with a bit of humor mixed in. And please take the plastic and duck tape off your windows wingnuts.

If gays are allowed to marry, society will self-destruct Mission Impossible-style, and people will start sodomizing dogs in the street and marrying two orangutans at a clip. In 2006, Bush and his fellow gay marriage foes tried to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, with officials like then-senator Rick Santorum infamously comparing man-on-man relationships to “man-on-child” and “man-on-dog” relationships. Woof.

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