any of ya use silpat’s?

We have gotten a few cool cookie sheets and have been using parchment paper to bake stuffis with. Works pretty good. Sometimes the cookies are not done in the middle, but the bottom gets burnt.

According to slashfood they have advantages and disavantages. man they sure are pricey, so was wonderin iffin yall had any imput.



wow there is sooooooo much booze


That there is the biggest grasshopper I have ever seen. That is a foot wide tile. There are little lizards everywhere as well.

Took us a good part of the day just to figure this place out. It is ginormous. Bars everywhere, pools, I ate octopus last night. The frozen drinks suck, but they will pour you good tequila shots whenever you want.

Today is talk like a pirate day, and also our 4th anniversary. The bottle of champaign says 13th anniversary, but we will drink it any way.

Watched an hour of the simpsons in spanish, that was funny. Had some problems connecting to the wireless, but seems to work now.

Headed to Playa Del Carmen today. Just ate two orders of bacon :)



Target bags


I ain’t too worried about plastic bags killing the earth. George Carlin is on to something if you ask me. But there are differences in plastic bags. Target bags are the absolute best. I am glad to pay a few thousandths of a cent more for my purchases cuz it means I will get some more of their fine plastic bags.

What makes them so much better you ask? Well for one they are perty much the standard plastic bag size, but they are made of a thicker and stretchier plastic. This allows for a bit more abuse, they hold up much better. On my commuter bike I have a leather saddle, which does not fare well in wet conditions. I have 2 bags jammed under the seat rails just in case it rains. being sturdier means there will not be holes to let water in.

I would never waste one on picking up dog crap, that is for sure.



Manila Bay

A view of the actual Manila Bay

While downtown this weekend I noticed a Manila Bay sign in the location of the former Gomez Art Supply just west of Kuhl’s Cafe. There is a building permit on file for this location to complete improvements to make it a restaurant.

I assume the former Manila Bay is reopening at this location. It will be nice to have Filipino cuisine downtown again.

If this is the same Manila Bay that used to be in the Terminal Building, that will mean Marylou Eden will be involved somehow. I ate at Chloe’s once before it closed and the food was quite good.Here’s what Ground Zero said about in December.

Eden began carving a niche for herself in Lincoln’s dining scene in 1992 when she opened Lincoln’s first Filipino restaurant, El Taco Grande, at 16th and P streets.

A couple of years later she moved her operation to 10th and O streets and called it Manila Bay.

In 2001, after turning the O Street restaurant over to her son, she opened Chloe’s Restaurant in the Haymarket. It was named for her granddaughter.

Both restaurants eventually closed. Danny’s Downtown Deli is where Manila Bay used to be, and Crescent Moon Coffee occupies Chloe’s location.

As more restaurants open downtown, the competition forces good food and low prices. I hope Manila Bay has both.



Wake Up to The Smell of Bacon, Part Deux

Stacey’s post reminded me of this. Let’s hope it does not happen to our intrepid world adventurer.



Mmmm… Bacon….


Wake up to the smell of bacon.

WHAT: An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell and sizzle of cooking bacon.

Yup. For $140 a year ($215 gets you TWO packages)

• A different artisan bacon delivered to your door each month for 12 months
• Informative notes on all bacon selections
• Discounts on The Grateful Palate bacon products and bacons
• Bacon of the Month Club Membership Card
• The bacon strip–Our members only monthly bacon comic strip
• The Bacon of the Month Club Pig Ballpoint Pen
• A little Rubber Toy Pig
• One free Bacon Tee-Shirt
• A recipe each month using the bacon selected
• Discounts on suggested wines and products in recipes
• And­–new for 2007–a pig nose!




Steve’s not here

So who’s going to post about bacon? Fear not!

Bacon recipes.

Bacon air freshener.


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