extreme beerfest was gnarly to the max

Me, Barry, Jen, Chris, And Brendan.

There were a lot of things about the beerfest that were extreme. I rubbed up against a bunch of folk mostly dudes EXTREME!
The place was packed to the max and moving around the place involded a bunch of “excuse me, sorry: EXTREME!
So many beers. I drank one that was 13% EXTREME!

Fuggles is fine

Jschwa thanks for bedazzling my dog.

Thanks for the well wishing. She shows absolutely no signs of being injured besides the scratch. We went over her fully and it all good. She begging me to go out on a ride today and we will.

Fuggles got hit by a SUV last night. She is fine though


Yup my little Fugly Wugly got smacked good by a late 90’s jeep Cherokee. I took her over to a friends last night. Theresa dropped me, my bike, and Fuggles off near his house. She had a bunch of fun playing with Oscar, Paige, and one of the puppies. She got tons of love from bunches of peeps and it was a good night. We left and headed for the long 30 – 40 block trip home.

Fuggles is really good with me on the bike. I was thinking earlier Friday evening while running her around the neighborhood about making a video to show you folk just how amazingly awesome she is with me while I am on a bike. Well I might be a bit too cocky about how good I thought she was. No wait, I am.

Fuggles was doing really stellar running next to me down the side streets and even Q street. Heeling on my left as she always does. It was around midnight so traffic was really light. I was not holding her leash since she was being so good. We cruised through campus. Came to stops at the lights where Fuggles sat and stayed perfectly. She was doing so good I was gleaming. We made it way down Q street with her in the proper lane with me all the way to 10th. The light was green so we kept going. I had my hood on so I could not see behind me too well. I figured she was right behind me, but she was not. She apparently got freaked out by the cars and froze up. I made it across the street but she stayed. I stopped and the traffic started to cross. I yelled “Stay” and she took off towards me into oncoming traffic. The Cherokee that had just started going pegged her hard. It was a sickening thud. I threw my bike down in the street and ran into the traffic to get her. She was completely fine. She did not even make a noise when she got smacked. The driver stopped to see if the pup was OK. Fuggles went up and got some pettings and licked their hands. I thanked the folks for stopping and Fuggles and I got on the sidewalk to collect ourselves.

She did get a small cut on her face. Nothing that bleed, but enough to shear a bit of fur off. We both were a bit shook up as we rolled through the haymarket towards home. She was glued to my left side. We both learned from the incident. I will not put her in situations like that without holding her leash again. She might be really good off leash, but she needs me to protect her from dangerous situations. She learned a bit about cars and how they are not friendly.

Extreme Beerfest in Omaha tomorrow this could be my last post evar

Saturday, February 23, 2008, 4:00-8:00pm:

Extreme Beerfest!

Come sample some of the most extreme beers the world has to offer!

Doppelbocks, Barleywines, Belgian Dubbels, Tripels and Quads, plus many more unusual styles.

All beers above 7% ABV!

Your ticket gets you a souvenir tasting glass, program & 4 hours of sampling.

Brewery and distributor reps will be onsite to answer your questions.

Nearly 60 Extreme Beers to be sampled at all three bars on site.

So a few car loads of us are headed up there early for some eating and beer drinking before the beerfest. We do have a place to stay if need be. I am going to staple my pants on just in case. The event is sold out so I bet it is gonna be a bit crazy. Partial list of all the beers below

not sure I want a dishwasher cuz I love washing dishes so much

Seriously. Some people go to church, some do yoga, some cut their inner thigh with razor blades, and some do dishes to calm their nerves. As a kid I absolutely hated doing dishes, it was the worst punishment. I would take hours acting all sad and pouty. (sorry Mom) Moved away from home and with roommates it was a touchy subject. Passive aggressive notes on the dry erase board and the like.

But for the past year or so I have really begun to enjoy dish duty. Theresa and I split the “chores” up pretty good. Ones that are all me are lawn care, trash, and dishes. Recently we have started doing the dishes after we prepare meals, which is like the most bestest way evar to keep the funk and rock hard crap away. I get my sponges from Sam’s and I have an arsenal. I fixxeded up my sprayer last weekend, and am thinking of replacing the faucet since it makes a noise that messes with my chi. The sink sux, and I got no space, but I still likey.

Eventually we will update the kitchen, which will rule, but I do not know if I will want a dishwasher in the new kitchen of my dreams. First there is still work involved in rinsing the dishes off, stacking them in the dishwasher (when I was a pouty kid it was with a dishwasher), running the cycle, yadda yadda…. I am pro environment, but not to the point where I would care about running a dishwasher and wasting a bit more energy. Also the film that is left on glasses at peeps houses that use dishwashers. It just seems like a really bunk industry invented like valentines day. Maybe it is cuz our house has only two dish dirtiers, or the trauma forced upon me as a child, but I think dishwashers are a waste.

Funny thing is I have my parents pretty decent used dishwasher in my garage. I figure I can get a few bucks for it at the scrap yard.

OK quick update on todays posts


Gene showed me the way. I had no clue the Olive Garden has recipes on its site. We will be trying this some time soon.

And once the poo glacier recedes and I get a good cleaning done we will be setting up weekly poo service with Adamz K9. I just do not put enough effort into doing it.
if any of ya currently use Adamz and want the $30 referral comment below and it is yours

Adamz K9

Further on the back yard issue. I have tried every year to grow a luscious lawn of amazing greeness and fluffyness. Since my yard is so pitifully small I am going to see what it would take to get some fresh sod.

portal 2 is a go apparently

according to this

Valve’s acclaimed puzzle-action hybrid Portal will be given a sequel, according to the game’s lead designer Kimberly Swift.

“Well, I believe Doug Lombardi who is our lead marketing director at Valve, has announced Portal 2,” said Swift in an interview with G4TV.

Portal is just too fun. You can play it for free if you download steam. I am scared of what a sequel would be like though.


WARNING: contains poo content

That is not my back yard pictured above. I would not want you to see my back yard right now. This winter is just crushing me. I have not been in wilderness park since late November and the snow will not melt. My back yard is tiny, I have two 50 + pound dogs, and it has been a sheet of ice for months now. My garage blocks the sun and there is still frozen parts of the first snow we got this winter. Then layer after layer of dog leavings and more frozen snow. It is a fricking poo glacier.

Last night I just snapped and went out there and did what I could to get the not iced over parts cleaned up, it was really not working good though. I am so bummed about it. I am not proud of it. I am sure my neighbors understand, but I still feel lame.

So like when is spring?