One stop shop…


 Went to Krug Park today in St Joseph MO to check out the mtb trails. If you decide to go, I suggest getting someone to go with you, maybe from the area so you know where the heck to ride at. The trails have so many off shoots it was hard to figure out where to go. Plus as an added bonus the guide could clear all the spider webs off the trail for you. No, wait. I did that already today. I tried to have a good time but having to keep brushing webs off of me and not knowing where to go once on the trails it made for a bad time. Turned into a hike the bike really, carrying a stick and waving it in front of me to make sure that I didn’t walk into any more webs.

The park overall though wasn’t too bad. Founded in 1920ish, it is a lot like Pioneers Park in Lincoln only not so spread out and it has mtb trails. Ampitheatre, check. Duck pond, check. Animal exhibit, check. Outdated equipment that I openly squeeled with joy upon seeing and yeah I played on it, check. Oh no wait, PP took that fire truck and such out a long time ago.

Aside from the waterfall along a creek crossing and the aforementioned equipment, the other highlight can be seen in the above picture. This is a picture of the longhorn cattle enclosure. Note in front of the enclosure there is a grill so you can cook up your own cows and have a nice picnic at the not pictured but trust me it’s there picnic table just to the right.


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