old and busted to the new hotness


Theresa is mega redecorating her room. The old cat shelving and hammock were pretty beat, and kind of dangerous because they hung over the bed. Thunky had really wore out his pillow pet as well. He kneads the heck out of it and it is kind of awkward to watch.

The old shelving was just hunks of scrap and brackets. We have been looking at other shelving options, from building them to buying them. Theresa picked up a couple types of shelves. The new location of the new pet net worked well with some shelves we were not too confident in their mounting hardware. We opted for a more permanent solution and the work in the next room made it pretty easy to secure.


It took a bit of catnip, but he made it up to the new pillow pet moose and we gave them a little privacy. Thunky slept in the old hammock last night, which will be the last time because it comes down today. He still has another he uses often in the front room.


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