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nothing like a good smack in the crotch to start the day

I have been mentioning my single speed stuff lately and I had been messing with the chains a bunch. I was using a tiny chain tool that is on my Crank Brothers multi tool. That little guy is fine for emergency trail repair, but is a pain to use. I asked the monkey boys to order me up a real chain tool and picked it up a fortnight or so ago. Well I got to use it over lunch because my chain broke while I was crossing 9th street.

I run a slightly tough gear and I was standing up and mashing the pedals to make the light and the chain blew. If you have ever had that happen you know it is never good. It completely makes the pedal drop and brings you with it. Lucky for me my thigh took most of the impact, but there was a glancing blow to Enrique (my left nut). So crotch on the top tube, feet clipped out and dragging while I tried to gain control and come to a stop. Lucky for me I had a large audience of cars waiting for the light, I played it cool though.

Flipped the bike upside down, walked back to grab the chain on the concrete. Was wondering if it might of just been the power link for some strange reason. Nope the piecing together of chain bits while setting up my current gearing must of been shoddy and caused the pin to come out completely. I have been taking it kind of easy riding the past couple days and three different times I heard a clink and just figured it was nothing. Well I should of checked my darn chain. The new chain tool was awesome though. I completely trust the joint I fixed over lunch.

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