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Never make it home – DVD about Kirk Rundstrum of Split Lip Rayfield and his final tour


The DVD showed up last night and I watched it right away.

Never Make it home

After ten years of constant touring, with four critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Wichita “insurgent country” band Split Lip Rayfield (listen here) had built up a dedicated legion of fans throughout the world.

With their lively combo of guitar, mandolin, banjo, gas-tank bass, multi-part harmonies, and singing often bordering on screaming, Split Lip’s music defied genres—too raucous to be bluegrass, too acoustic to be rock ‘n’ roll, and too melodic to be punk.

But in 2006, Kirk Rundstrom, the electric, hell-raising singer/guitarist of the band, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only two months to live. NEVER MAKE IT HOME is the inspiring story of what he chose to do next.

Set across America’s heartland, this moving documentary captures the rowdy, heart-wrenching, and ultimately joyous performances of Kirk Rundstrom’s “Final Tour” where each show was played as it would be the last.

It was really good. They showed the behind the scenes for the first show they played after Kirk got out of chemo. I was at that show. it was an amazing night. There is a lot of music on the DVD, but not a full song of set. it is mostly about Kirk dealing with terminal cancer and fighting the whole way. Instead of lying in bed waiting to die, he went out doing what he loved.

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