Nacho rides are awesome

Aint nothing like being a part of a 16 + train heading out to Eagle.


The best part of it was how the whole crew did a steady pace and pretty much stuck together the whole way out. Major props to the Bodegas crew for their awesomeness by sticking together. Not often does a 15 mile ride stick that close and arrive at the destination at the same time. I have done tons of Eagle trips and never has a group kicked it together like that before. Kudos.


We took over the OEDS after the normal nacho ride crew had already been there and gone and had a helluva time. Took over the whole main section of the bar. Was hard to get peeps to head back and it was unfortunate that not many folks had lights. Crews used lighted folk to make it back. Once we hit 84th on the pavement it was like a race. I have rocked those trails late at night before, but this one was a bit more intense.

Thanks yall.

next tues? I like the late crew and think the 6:30 is the way to go.

Next time I am getting more than 4 tacos. Was starved by the time I got home


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